Buy The Inflationary Universe on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. The Physics of the Universe – Important Scientists – Alan Guth. He first started to develop his theory of cosmic inflation while at Cornell in , when he was. 15 Jan These problems would disappear if, in its early history, the universe Alan H. Guth See Focus story: Landmarks: The Inflationary Universe.

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A positive pressure creates a normal attractive gravitational field of the kind that we’re accustomed to, but a negative pressure would create a repulsive kind of gravity. I qualify that with the word “essentially” because in a typical version of the theory inflation needs about a gram’s worth of matter to start. What is the electromagnetic spectrum? According to quantum mechanics, however, everything is probabilistic.

He returned to MIT inbecoming professor of physics in Topics include Higgs bosons, supersymmetry, big bang nucleosynthesis, probability, statistics, and accelerators and detectors.

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It’s seen, for example, in the rotation curves of galaxies. Guth has researched elementary particle theory and how particle theory is applicable to the early universe. One is that in both cases the theory needs to be better developed. A possible solution to the horizon and flatness problems”. We really can’t predict the overall amplitude — that is, the intensity of these unigerse — unless we know more about the fundamental theory.

Discovery of cosmic inflationry background radiation.


It’s a rather novel version since it puts the inflation at a completely different era of the history of the universe, but inflation is still doing many of the same things. They were pretty well able to guarantee that there wasn’t any more than that out there; that was all they could detect. At the present time this inflationary theory, which a few years ago was in significant conflict with observation now works perfectly with our measurements of the mass density and the fluctuations.


Guth realized from his theory that the reason the universe appears to be flat was that it was fantastically big, just the same way the spherical Earth appears flat to those on its surface.

JewittJane LuuMichael E.

If you had approximately seconds or so of inflation at the beginning of the universe, that’s all you need to be able to start out a factor of or away from being flat. Geometrically open spaces have the opposite geometric properties from closed spaces. A brane is short for membrane, a term that comes out of string theories.

It’s both isotropic, meaning the same in all directions, and homogeneous, meaning the same in all places. As I said at the beginning of this talk, the theory of general relativity allows for that. Giant magnetoresistance is discovered.

By answering the question of what drove the universe into expansion, the inflationary theory can also answer some questions about that expansion that would otherwise be very mysterious. Received 11 August DOI: Cosmologytheoretical physicsparticle physics. In the supercooled state, a false vacuum is produced. Two weeks later, Guth heard colleagues discussing something called the horizon problem.

Skip to main content. The standard model of hot big-bang cosmology requires initial conditions which are problematic in two ways: This seemed very paradoxical because, when the radiation was released aboutyears after the Big Bang, the observable universe had a diameter of 90 million light-years.

Guth’s first step to developing his theory of inflation occurred at Cornell inwhen he attended a lecture by Robert Dicke about the flatness problem of the universe. They have two children: That’s exactly the sort of thing you want to explain the structure of the universe. Tye suggested that they check that the expansion of the universe would not be affected by the supercooling.

umiverse What are the coldest and the hottest objects in the universe? Guth is the Victor F. This solved the monopole problemsince the expansion dilutes the monopole density.


The data is so far in beautiful agreement with the theory. There are two very important properties of our observed universe that were never really explained by the Big Bang theory; they were just part of one’s assumptions about the initial conditions.

The generic inflationary model drives the universe to be completely flat, which means that one of the predictions is that today the mass density of the universe should be at the critical value which makes the universe geometrically flat. I want to talk about the conventional inflationary picture, and in particular the great boost that this picture has attained over the past few years by the somewhat shocking revelation of a new form of energy that exists in the universe.

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He ignored magnetic monopoles because they were based on assumptions of GUT, which was outside the scope of the speech. So far, he has written about 60 technical papers related to the effects of nuiverse and its interactions with particle physics. While the region that would evolve to become our universe was incredibly small, there was plenty of time for it to reach a uniform temperature, just like a cup of coffee sitting on the table cools down to room temperature.

The motion of galaxies in clusters is much more random and chaotic than the spiral galaxy, but the same issues arise.

It started with all of the matter in the universe already in place, already undergoing rapid expansion, already incredibly hot.