AWWA C Air-Release, Air/Vacuum, and Combination Air Valves for Waterworks Service. NSF/ANSI Certified Lead-Free by WQA; Certified to NSF/ANSI 61; Meets AWWA C requirements; UL/FM Approved for fire pump service; Manufactured . AWWA C – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

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AIF AWWA C (AIR RELEASE VALVE) – Saudi Pipe Systems Co. (SPS)

The valve shall also release accumulated air from a piping system while the system is in operation and under pressure. Remember me for one month. Author links open overlay panel Swwa.

The Vacuum Breaker is the globe style high flow type with a rapid linear opening to automatically admit large quantities of air into a system on negative pressure.

Surge Suppression Air Valve 4″ and Larger: Click for Air Valve Sizing Software. Finally, the Wylie and Streeter discharge coefficient C d for air valve characterization [1] has been obtained. Inflow prevention devises are used in areas such as vaults where air valves and reservoir vents are located.

Resilient seals provide qwwa tight seating. Safe and reliable operation even at high air-release velocities of up to sonic speed. Manufactured under a certified ISO quality system Available with 2″ inlet Allows the extraction of air from the pump housing and suction piping Float rises and closes the priming valve to prevent fluid from flowing into the vacuum priming system Continues to release air while the pump is running.


No items in cart. Enter your account email address to request a password reset: Available with optional screened hood. Flood Safe – Inflow Preventer. Under a Creative Commons license.

The Dual Port Throttling Device 3 in. Corrosion-proof due to stainless steel inner parts in size DN 50, inner parts made of plastic. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Available with optional water level control switch.

Vacuum Priming Air Valves: Wastewater Air Release Valves are designed to release accumulated air from a piping system while the system is in operation and under pressure. Resilient seated Triple function air valve.

Characteristics Material Anticorrosive Related products With flange ends on both sides acc. Floats are equipped with a specially shaped bottom to accelerate the closure to reduce leakage and clogging of the valve. Inflow Prevention is designed to protect dinking water by protecting your v512 form contaminated water becoming drawn in and mixing with potable water due to pressure changes. Suitable for use in water treatment, water distribution, in dams, power plants and in industry. Please login to your authorized staff account to use this feature.


Available in light weight all stainless steel construction to eliminate corrosion. Well Service Air Valve: The second part deals with the study of a collection of commercial air valves from different manufacturers.

The results have been also compared with a simplified proposed model representation of the air valve. Please click on the link below to start the Energy Cost Calculator. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Vacuum Priming Air Valves.

Admits large quantities of air to prevent loss of pressure during power failures, line breaks and drainage. Protects air valve freezing. Allows air to enter the system on pump shut down through an unrestricted independent awwz port. Surge Suppression Air Valves: