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The dstasheet of this is greek to me as well. From the description, the antenna was constructed per instructions and there is probably no reason to spend any more time on that problem. I do not want anyone to get the wrong idea here, the Wall Wart Tamer was not designed to get rid of a transmitter, coax or antenna problems, it was designed to darasheet any unwanted AC from a Wall Wart.

You may have to hack it a bit and solder in a longer antenna to get the signal out to the street with it.

I tried the FM02 but had problems just my unit, I know others have used them successfully, and ukewarrior has been very helpful with the group buys and support. The only thing that will happen to the FM02 is that its power output will be down from a These transmitters are low cost effective ways of getting our signal out.

Both the 19Khz pilot and the 38Khz L-R sub carrier rob RF power by taking up bandwidth to be transmitted so if they are set too high, noise is just one problem encountered. I’m wondering if sometimes too much information can become a sort of red herring that sends non-technical people in all directions other than perhaps what’s important, which is to get the darned show going, and that has just 4 simple steps as it relates to an FM transmitter: You are one of the lucky ones.

Alright sorry it took a min, I had to run to my storage unit and get a battery but phewww that seemed to clean the sound up nicely so now I need to figure out what all I need to get for the wall wart. Harry’s crystal FM transmitter might be good.


【BH1415 ROHM】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

The TPO, or Total Power Output of the unit will be reduced because the sub carrier and pilot carrier are occupying too much bandwidth at the high levels and forcing the amplifiers to “spread” out their workload to pass those as well as the main carrier. Thank you for the information. To bad I fried it or I would send it back. The specs are fine- remember that the amperage is the MAX the datasbeet supply can supply- the FM02 will only use the current it needs.

For one, keep the volumne level down. Maybe it’s shorted and therefore not radiating properly?

Good thing the FM02 datasbeet output in the watts range! Has anyone been able to look at the FM02 and determine if what I’ve wondered from the online pictures are vias are actually viable connection points to pin 19, rather than having to solder directly to the IC lead? I don’t have my board available at the moment, but did pull up a picture from the Vast site. All wires re-routed, router moved 5 feet away, and I have no more hum, buzz or hiss.

If not, let me know and I’ll modify one of my ratasheet. I want to use the transmitter on my yampp mp3 player www.

BH Datasheet, BH PDF – Free Datasheets, Wireless Audio Link IC

There are days when I think I know what I’m vatasheet with regards to blinky-flashy Thanks I went and got ferrite beads for all the cables today and the sound is much better now. Losses in inductor of a boost converter 8.

The problem is the 19Khz pilot level on the BH chip. So moral here is either hassy hissy stereo at a distance, or excellent clean smooth sounding stereo audio within the intended range of these low power devices. After reading all the reviews here I thought this was going to be a good fm transmitter but currently it sounds 10 times worse than my moded tune cast. If it’s still noisy with a battery, then it’s a transmitter datashee.


I run one that works mostly perfectly, and from being on these forums for a little over a year, it seems like they are very popular here. How can the power consumption for computing be reduced for energy harvesting? Most of the people I’ve talked to that have seen the show have newer cars which probably have fancier radios to filter the pilot tone better. Pc power supply out of old computer 12′ rg58 pre made with bnc fitting from radio shack Station I’m using is Not a single person has asked me to return their unit to VAST.

I understand what the Wall Wart Tamer b1415 designed to do. I just don’t know what frequencies sound like what as for filtering, issues, etc. The hardest challenge will be the coding, in C for use with the yampp 3 and in Bascom for use with various of other projects.

Rohm BHFV FM transmitter

Perhaps all the problems won’t be resolved in a 3 week time frame datasheet the big day. AM transmitter design with digital display on its frequency carrier 7.

You might have some luck with a tunecast, belkin or other short-range transmitter that’s datazheet to transmit from an iPod or similar mp3 player to a car radio. We may have to start a new thread if it works. I am also confused about Rohm’s new FM stereo transmitter ICs because their datasheets don’t have any details.

It’s a switching power supply and as such, is probably very, very noisy. Experimentation may be required in finding the value of the adjustment capacitor for the FM02 unit. PLL Phase Locked Loop – A circuit that synchronizes a frequency of VCO with a frequency of a reference oscillator by using a comparison of phase between the two signals.