Abstract. Introduction. Subjects and Methods. Results. Discussion. Conclusion. References. Article Figures. With regard to biocompatibility, two articles showed biodentine to be better and two showed comparable results, while in the case of sealing ability, one article. The article provides an overview of Biodentine clinical applications summarizing published clinical trials and reporting published clinical cases with this material.

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However Caron G et al. There are two commercial types of MTA: The first study to demonstrate the induction of effective dentinal repair was the one by Tran et al. A prospective clinical study of mineral trioxide aggregate and IRM when used as root-end filling materials agticles endodontic surgery. The reaction of the powder with the liquid leads to the setting and hardening of the cement.

Considering that Biodentine is recommended for use as a dentine substitute under permanent restorations, studies were performed that assess the bond strength of the material with different bonding systems. Literature reveals that presence of transitional elements namely iron, manganese, copper biodenitne chromium impart strong color to the material in it oxide forms.

The bildentine time of Biodentine was determined as 45 minutes.

This represents a great improvement compared to the other calcium silicate dental materials ProRoot MTAwhich set in more than 2 hours Table 2.

SiO 2 main core material Dicalcium silicate 2CaO. Biodentine and mineral trioxide aggregate induce similar cellular responses in a fibroblast cell line. It may be concluded that good sealing ability of biodentine along with its favorable biological properties show that materials can be used competently in clinical practice as a retrograde agticles material.

This article is aimed to compare the properties of MTA aricles Biodentine analyzing the research work done in this field so far by various researchers all across the globe. From the literature available, there is no definite conclusion regarding the degree of MTA solubility and it was concluded that with increase in water-to-powder ratio, release of calcium from MTA increases which accelerates its solubility atticles 52015 ].


Biodentine: A Promising Dentin substitute | OMICS International

Dry storage of Biodentine caused changes in the material microstructure and cracks at the root dentine to Biodentine interface. Internal resorption treated with mineral trioxide aggregate in a primary molar tooth: Microhardness Microhardness of MTA has been affected by several factors like the pH value of the environment, the thickness of the material, the condensation pressure, the amount of entrapped air in the mixture, humidity, acid etching of the material, and temperature [ 19 – 22 ].

However, long term evaluation in clinical situations is required for further inferences. Therefore, it is critical to consider the effects of released calcium hydroxide on dentine collagen, specifically in procedures where there is a permanent contact of dentine with calcium silicate based materials. Therefore, Biodentine has a great improvement compared to MTA in terms of setting time.

MTA versus Biodentine: Review of Literature with a Comparative Analysis

None, Conflict of Interest: Biodentin exhibits sufficient hardness to be used as dental material. The easy handling and fast artiles time are the major advantages in bkodentine to other similar materials available commercially.

Please review our privacy policy. The electrical resistance increases when the porosity of the system is reduced. Biodentine has been recommended for perforation repair, formation of apical plug and furcation repair. Radiopacity The mean radiopacity for MTA has been found to be 7. Review Article Open Access.

In this case series of 15 patients, with a follow-up period of over a year, the outcome of direct pulp capping with Biodentine septodont after mechanical pulp exposure was assessed. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of MTA and Biodentine can be best attributed to the high pH of these materials. The effect of condensation pressure on selected physical properties of mineral trioxideaggregate.


Aust Endod J ; View at Google Scholar M.

Wash-Out Resistance Washout of a material is defined as the tendency of freshly prepared cement paste to articlez upon early contact with fluids such as blood or other fluids. Indian J Dent Res ; Biodentine and MTA induce similar cellular responses in a fibroblast cell line. Indian J Dent Res ; It has further been stated that the maximum pore diameter, which corresponds to the largest leak in the sample, along with bacterial size and their metabolites, will aarticles indicative of the leakage that occurs along the root-end filling materials [ 19 ].

Therefore, both papers are not comparable. Twenty-four permanent molars with carious exposure having no signs and symptoms of irreversible pulpitis were selected and assigned to one of the two groups, Group I – MTA and Group II – biodentine.

During the last years, there have been many changes in the way of performing endodontic treatment.

A comparative study of selected properties of ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate and two Portland cements. Considering bioventine acid etching is one of the steps following the application of Biodentine for the provision of mechanical adhesion, the authors aimed to assess whether any alterations exist in terms of compressive strength following the etching procedure.

Han L, Okiji T. J Conserv Dent ;