Carabook: le guide de l’externe Front Cover. Association Nationale des Etidiants en Médecine de France (ANEMF), – pages. Read the latest magazines about Anemf and discover magazines on . CARA Book Discussion January 12/21/ Community Anti-Racism Alliance. Thursday, January, 12, p.m., in the Center, join CFS parents and .

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The topic for this month is government.

Carabook: le guide de l’externe – Google Books

We added food coloring to our glue to help our students differentiate the designated areas on which to glue their tissue paper. We would have preferred to use rose scents, as our book discussed the rose as a symbol of our country, but were unable to locate some in time for our group. The books are made using Microsoft Office Powerpoint so they can be easily edited. We opened the bag to make it a Container.

A 3 ring binder made a great ramp! They were pretty goofy and a lot of fun!

Placing the sticker on the students thumb was a way to adapt the activity for those students with increased muscle tone. Corn flakes made a delightful crunching sound, just like dried leaves.

We used a soft ball that was easier to grasp for our students. After drying their hands, we rubbed them with some of the Country Apple lotion so our students could smell yummy all day and help remind them of the lesson. We used a paper cutter to make strips of red and green paper. This carabokk our themes were Apples for our sensory and fine motor groups and the letter B for our alphabet group.


Joy added a couple of teaspoons of rubbing alcohol, some drops of food coloring and a cup of rice into a ziplock bag. We looked for the letter F hidden in assorted dried beans.

carabook 2011 pdf

A great bilateral coordination activity. We like to give our students choices of 3 items because when they take our Alternate Assessment they are given an array of 3 choices.

We crumpled scrap paper and stuffed it into a red paper lunch bag purchased from Target. Crumpling paper is great for working on hand intrinsics.

And to end, we reviewed all our Post Its—-we sure found a lot of B words today! Alphabet Group—letter B We started with Bowling.

We looked for soft squirrels, hard pumpkins and strands of soft yarn in the fall colors of brown, yellow and orange. The students really enjoyed this actitity. Tong activities are great for building pre-scissor skills and eye hand coordination.

September | | Group by Group

We used cookie cutters to make fall leaves. We then put chenille stems through the holes, working on eye hand coordination. Our themes this week were Fall for the sensory group and fine motor groups and the Letter D for the alphabet group. And finally, we Counted all the C words that we wrote on our post its!


The students hung their apples on the tree. The students Chose what Color ink they wanted and rolled their Cars over it. Our students really enjoyed the varied colors of the beans. Our students really enjoy the post-its.

During this activity we incorporated lots of access points by having carabbook students work on math by counting apples and google eyes, work on colors: For some of our students aquarium tubing was easier to manipulate.

Lovely scents reminding us of the fall season. Apples, apples just for me Share this: Joy brought different things to show while the book was being read like leaves, cool air using a hair dryer set on the cool setting and squirrels. We also try to give them opportunities to identify some of the words.

Pictures used in the books are mostly found from Google images. This activity also works on number identification and as we count the bones out: This box was a real hit with our students!