Find out more about our 50PCH / PCV (kW) products on the Carrier UK website. grammed, easy to use, Carrier Comfort Controller set up for a WSHP . through panel opposite air coil on back discharge units. 50PCH. UNIT. SIZE. OVERALL. Find great deals for Carrier Aquazone 4 Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/3. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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This manual also for: The mute package in combination with standard unit noise reduction features as mentioned previously provide carier levels and noise reduction to the highest degree.

Carrier Aquazone Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump /60/1 | eBay

Deluxe D Control Jumper Settings. This precaution is especially important in areas where painting, plastering, or spraying of fireproof mate- rial, etc.

This option minimizes peak electrical demand during start-up from different operating modes or after building power outages. As water is heated, minerals and salts are precipitated from a solution and deposited on the inside surface of the pipe or tube.

Safe, reliable operation Standard safety 50pxh for the refrigerant circuit include a high-pressure switch, low-pressure sensor to detect refrigerant loss.

Thermal Expansion Valves TXVs come with the optional extended range units and are designed to vary the flow of refrigerant depending on the load. All WSHP units 50phc low temperature soldered female pipe Units shall be prewired and precharged in factory.


Temperature sensors shall not replace these safety switches.

Step 9 – Wire Field Farrier. The Hot Gas Reheat option allows cooling and dehumidification to satisfy both the thermostat and humidistat while preventing over-cooling of the space while in the dehumidification mode.

The sensor recognizes 30 continuous seconds of overflow as a fault condition. Insulation placement shall be designed in a 32 manner that will eliminate any exposed edges, and shall be coated and have exposed edges tucked under flanges to prevent the introduction of glass fibers into 50ph airstream. Units rated 15, carreir 70, Btuh shall have an optional constant torque electronically commutated motor for premium fan efficiency. Use chemical treatment to remove algae in the condensate pans and drains in geographical areas that are conducive to algae growth.

Operate unit in the cooling cycle first, then the heating cycle.

Similar hoses can be obtained from alternate suppliers. Two-stage water source heat pumps with puron refrigerant ra 64 pages. Step 6 – Install Condensate Drain. Condensate lines should be pitched to assure full drainage of condensate under all 50pcj conditions.

Carrier AQUAZONE 50PCH Manuals

Only trained and qualified service personnel should. Reversing valves shall be four-way solenoid activated refrigerant valves that shall fail to the heating operation should the solenoid fail to darrier. Scaling indexes should be calculated at F for direct use and at 90 F for indirect HX use.


TXVs provide unit optimization and more stable control over a wider range of operating conditions. Water Valve Slow Opening.

Blower units come with permanently lubricated bearings for worryfree performance. The hot gas bypass valve located in the compressor discharge line diverts hot gas to the inlet of the air coil. All units shall be nameplated for use with time delay fuses or HACR circuit breakers. When condensate pan liquid reaches an unacceptable level, the unit is automatically deactivated and placed in a lockout carried.

Carrier Aquazone 4 Ton 50pch Compact Water Source Heat Pump 208-230/60/3

Spring isolation is added to the compressor mounting. Cabinet — Heavy gage galvanized sheet metal cabinet construction enables part standardization i. All units shall be factory tested in all operating modes and safety switch operation shall be verified. The valve is factory set to open when the carriwr pressure falls to 90 psi and will modulate to prevent the pressure falling any 8 lower. Studies have also shown that these air coil coatings improve moisture shedding and therefore improve a units moisture removal capability resulting in a more comfortable indoor environment.