Close. $ DIGITAL. Add to cart. Dona Nobis Pacem (Round) [ Accompaniment Package – Downloadable] from Breaking Bread/Music Issue. ×. Dona nobis pacem means “Give us peace” or “Grant us peace”. The phrase is sung as a round over and over again to form a song. Music: The origin of the music for the round DONA NOBIS PACEM is not known. In most collections it is simply labeled “traditional.” Estimates of.

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: Origins: Dona Nobis Pacem (round)

Please contribute a traditional song or rhyme from your country. How to Play the Italian Game of 5 Stones. Your purchase will help us keep our site online!

None of the masses I have, however, turn Dona nobis pacem into a canon, or round, and I wonder if any of the 16thth c. Such an interval, expressive though it might be, was considered dissonant or “disagreeable” in Palestrina’s time and would have been avoided by so conservative a rounnd.

One year all of the language classes were asked to sing songs for a school occasion in the languages we were studying.

Dona nobis pacem

Dona Nobis Pacem round Related threads: Terenzio wrote asking for help finding a Sicilian folk song from childhood: The Game of 4 Corners is for children 5 years and up and is [ Songs sung in rounds. The Latin class sang a couple of Christmas carols, roound theme from Exodus translated into Latin – mea terra, deus mihi dedit etc, or something like that riund, and Dona Nobis Pacem, which I loved immediately and have loved ever since.


The connection still holds, however. Looking for something in particular?

Each includes a beautiful illustration. Many include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music.

Dona nobis pacem (canon)

It has long since been widely used in several other European countries. As someone once said, a little knowledge only contributes to ignorance. I don’t suppose Google will find much but I think I’ll have a look again. Was it fitted to a pre-existing piece of music? Though rounds were popular in Palestrina’s day — the English round “Three Blind Mice” first appeared in print c. It is sometimes attributed to Mozart but the source paccem usually listed as “Traditional” in most musical texts.

This likely means that the hymn has its origins in folk music. Each song includes the full text in the original language, with an English translation, and most include sheet music.

Roynd Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi Miserere nobis. All include links to web pages where nobks can listen to recordings, hear the tune or watch a video performance.

An Italian Game called Pindol Pandol. We’ve gathered of our favorite songs and rhymes from all the continents of the globe. Dona Nobis Pacem round From: For what it’s worth, DNP is a pretty good tune for string players to learn ensemble playing without playing the same part, and for fingerstyle guitarists to play to give the thumb nohis fingers very different jobs.


I have never seen anything to identify a composer for this particular Dona Nobis Pacem, nor a date. There are games that [ The Four Corners Game.

Kid Songs Around The World. She was born in Domegge Di Cadore Italy. I have a number of 16thth century masses on cd and several have very complicated arrangements of the last phrase of the Agnus Dei, Dona nobis pacem, with the voices cascading all over the place, that would drive modern choir singers, used to the simpler arrangements of the baroque composers, dina find other occupation.

Of all the songs ever written, the simple ones can be some of the best.

Dona nobis pacem (canon) – Wikipedia

A time when most games were played with objects that everyone can easily find. A lovely, simple round Ron wrote looking for help with a song his grandmother would sing to him… My Nonna Diletta Da Vinchie used to rock me nobls sleep when I was very little.

Doing the rounds 5 Yule round need notation 2 masato sakurai. My guess is the author is “anonymous” – but it does sound German to me.

Many have commentary sent to us by our correspondents who write about the history of the songs and what they’ve meant in their lives.