For normal vs. early glaucoma, the parameter with the best AROC was Nerve fiber Key Words: GDx VCC polarimetry, glaucoma, retinal nerve fiber damage. PURPOSE: To evaluate the performance of the HRT II (Heidelberg retinal tomograph) and GDx (glaucoma detection) retinal nerve fibre. Eur J Ophthalmol. Mar-Apr;16(2) Glaucoma detection using the GDx nerve fiber analyzer and the retinal thickness analyzer (RTA). Hoffmann EM(1).

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Optic nerve damage in human glaucoma III. Another possible reason might originate from cataract changes, which might influence the result of visual field performance. Therefore, unfortunately, a significant number of patients are diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease, after many years of damage to gaucoma optic nerve due to untreated elevated intra-ocular pressure.

GDx Nerve Fiber Analyzer – Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness

Correlation of automated visual field parameters and peripapillary nerve fiber glaucima thickness as measured by scanning laser polarimetry. A method of comparing the areas under receiver operating characteristic curves derived from the same cases.

Our previous report also showed that GDx VCC shows only a moderate ability to distinguish normal eyes from eyes with early glaucoma mean MD: Damage to the nerve layer could be a sign of glaucoma. There are two methods to measure the severity of damage caused by glaucoma.

GDx – Diagnosing Glaucoma with Imaging

Which areas are affected first by glaucoma? End of highlights for August 23rd chat. Whether this is important is not yet determined, as far as Glauclma know. Finally, 14 RNFL thickness parameters were selected: The margin of the optic disc was manually marked with an ellipse of the reflection image of the fundus. The average PSD of visual field was 1. Detecting early glaucoma by assessment of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and visual function.


I think that it would depend on your age, the level of pressure, the existing damage, and how important detecting change glaudoma be.

Specifically, the TSNIT average for the control eyes and for those eyes within the early, moderate, and severe glaucoma subgroups was However, our tentative result can serve as a basis for further longitudinal and large-scale studies, especially those that would evaluate the long-term RNFL thickness changes in glaucomatous eyes in the different stages of the disease.

You do not need to be dilated for this exam. Check out the GDx image on the banner above.

Glaucoma detection using the GDx nerve fiber analyzer and the retinal thickness analyzer (RTA).

For the glaucoma group, 38 eyes showed early glaucomatous visual field defects mean MD: There is a famous story of a well-known baseball player in the US who suffered unknowingly from advanced glaucoma. The circles represent the nerve.

I think the new machines have great potential but, for now, optic nerve photos are the gold standard. GDx-VCC-measured parameters may serve as a useful tool to distinguish normal from glaucomatous eyes; in particular, NFI turned out to be the best discriminating parameter. Is it important to know this? The sensitivity and specificity of nerve fiber layer glauckma in glaucoma as determined with scanning laser polarimetry.


The NFI was the best discriminating parameter when it comes to differentiating normal from glaucomatous eyes. It may offer glacoma information that is not obvious on clinical examination. The nerve fiber layer is important because it is the tissue that the optic nerve is made of. Is the GDx in the the example normal or does the patient have glaucoma in both eyes? Therefore, I am not so confident about it.

The optic nerve or the nerve fiber layer — sort of two sides of the same coin. The rest is analysis of the level of abnormality. Related Topics How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

However, when it comes to differentiating the severity of glaucoma, GDx VCC demonstrates only a moderate ability. It may be most useful in following patients over time to see if they are losing tissue at a rate faster than they should.

A comparison of HRT II and GDx imaging for glaucoma detection in a primary care eye clinic setting.

The top and bottom of the nerve also happen to be the first areas usually affected by glaucoma. He was only diagnosed once he had lost all vision in one eye, while in the second eye he had significant damage to the nerve.

The colors are a computer enhancement glxucoma the thickness.