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IEC Standard | Switches for appliances – Part Requirements for mechanical switches. This part of IEC applies to switches for appliances. The switches are intended to control electrical appliances and other equipment for. This part of IEC applies to electronic switching devices and shall be used in conjunction with the general requirements of IEC

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With the exception of the luminosity which can be disregarded, the lamp shall function unless otherwise specified. Learn more about Amazon Prime. If the component is marked and used in accordance with its marking, the number of samples is that required by the relevant standard. I Ball-pressure test 1 E,1. Compliance is checked by inspection. Switches for appliances, Part 1: The switch shall not show any damage such as to impair compliance with this standard.

IEC | SAA Approvals

NOTE For a specilic lamp load, it is recommended that he specimen be operated with loads that arc used in tHe field father than with synthetic loads, Forced cooling of the specific lamp load may be applied in ordur to ensure cold resistance for each operating cycle and shorten the test time For electronic switches, the test circuit shall be as shown in figure 19 The declared load shal, be set at rated voltage before the electronic switch is inserted into the circuit A switch which relies on mounting in.

The operating speed for the operating cycles shall be as follows: During the test with thermal current, one or few reference points are selected, and the temperatures are recorded. The electrical conditions are those specified in 17 2 1 The method of operation is that specified for high speed in MOTE Screws or nuts which are likely to- be operated while the SMvitches are being mounted and connected include terminal screws or’ nuts, screws for fixing covers, etc.

Circuits and contacts which are not Intended for external loads are operated with the designated load. After the test, the specimens shall show no damage Impairing their further use or the safety of the electronic switch. Particular requirements for independently mounted switches ISO The text of lEC Standard has been approved as suitable for publication as an Indian Standard without deviations.


IEC 61058-1

The heating test should be condLiCted at the highest applicable current lating applicable to the selected contact type each t’me T,3,6 Co-ordinated e. Supplementary requirements for fuses for use by unskilled persons fuses mainly for household and similar applications — Sections I to IV Graphical symbols for use on equipment application Fire hazard testing — Part Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts.

In case of doubt about the test results, the last shall be carried out uec the rated voltage and rated resistive load current, for switches designed for a. Compliance is checked by the following tesi, which is carried out with uninsulated copper conductors, at first having the largest cross-sectional area, and then having the smallest cross- sectional area specified in table 4: For the following tests the electronic switch Is mounted as in normal use and is loaded as specified in clause 17 so that at the rated voltage the rated load will be obtained.

This part of IEC applies to circuitry when evaluated with a switch and necessary for the switching function. No traces 6108-1 burn-through shall occur. For the test of electrical contacts, the delay time shall be SO ms to ms. Write a customer review. Eulation resistance and are not subjected to the insuistion resistance tests The symbol for the nature of the supply is placed before or after the currant and voltage ratings.

The test may be performed with test samples simulating the electrical, mechanical and thermal influences of the original indicator lamp. Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. Particular requirements for connecting devices as separate entities with insulation piercing clamping units IEC all parts.

In cases wfiere basic insulation and supplementary insulation cannot be tested separately, the insulation provided is subjected to the test voltages specified or reinforced Insulation. September Replaced By: Alternatively, the temperature rise of the switch may be measured on specially prepared specimens: Testing and measurement techniques – Section 2: The connection to the test load to be performed for the two tests 6158-1 symbolized in fable 2 by an auxiliary switch A.


For switches which have any parts of double insulation construction, it shall not be possible to touch with the standard test finger unearthed metal parts which are only separated from live parts by basic insulation, or by the lec insulation itself.

Compliance Is checked by inspection and during the tests of NOTE 3 Information concerning the appropriate reference polnt s for example, metal heat sink, insulating material related to the heat sink may be given by the manufacturer.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Incorporated 661058-1 are mounted in a test device as shown in figure The incorporated fuse, if any, recomnended by the manufacturer, is inserted into the switch which is loaded.

Throughout the electrical endurance test, the auxiliary switch A is open-circuited. Compliance with the requirements of I – Altitude correction factors Altitude m Normal barometric pressure kPa Multiplication factor for clearances 2 NOTE 1 In mast cases, the isc may be brought to the specified temperature by keeping them at this temperature for at least 4 ti before the humidity treatment.

It shall be obvious 61058- the insertion and disconnection of the conductors are intended to be effected. Characteristic Subclause Means of i iformation Common type reference C. Testing and measurement techniques — Section 6: Each terminal shall be located near to its corresponding terminal of different polarity, and to the earthing terminal, if any, unless there is a sound technical reason for the contrary.