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Nonparametric Methods Construct a bar chart to summarize these contributions.

The labels and data values have already been entered as shown editiin the printout. Thorndike has proposed Ted accepts the offer. The respondent usually spends less than 15 when she shops at West Mall.

Ensure that the Input Range box con- tains the range you specified in step 1. There are two types of quantitative variables: The set of classes must be exhaustive i.

Library of Congress Control Number: This software is featured in nearly one-third of the Computer Solutions sets of printouts and instructions that appear in the text.

Construct a simple tabulation in which the counts are according to the type of campus setting. Considering square footage as the independent variable and monthly rental fee as the dependent variable: Sales Thousands of Homes Total United Western Price of Home States States under 22 —under 54 —under 64 or over 94 41 Convert these data to relative frequency distributions one for the total United States the other for the western states.

One of these displays is shown in Figure 2. Comparing Two Samples The percentages are listed in data f le XR Click again and type in mph. Introduction and Background The Pictogram Using symbols instead of a bar the pictogram can describe frequencies or other values of interest.


Chapters 2 and 3 cover visual summarization meth- ods and descriptive statistics used in presenting statistical information.

Introduction-To-Business-Statistics-7Th-Edition Weiers |authorSTREAM

From the Insert ribbon select Column from the Charts menu. A sample is said to be representative if its members tend to have the same characteristics as the larger population. In turn the higher premiums influence human behavior by making it more difficult for teens to own or drive such cars.

World Almanac and Book of Facts p. During the past few months compressors have been tested before ship- ment to customers and the resulting data are listed in f le XR Each of the techniques can be carried out either manually or wejers the computer and statiistics software. For example the volume of liquid in a water tower could be any quan- tity between zero and its capacity when full. The sample proportion is simply a percentage expressed as a decimal fraction. How can this be 1. By using the digits in the data values we have identified five different categories 30s 40s 50s 60s and 70s and can see that there are three data values in the 30s two in statisticd 40s one in the 60s and one in the 70s.

C51 into the Input Range box. Don Schlotman For product information and technology assistance contact us at Cengage Learning Customer Sales Support For permission to use material from this text or product submit all requests online at www.

The stem-and-leaf display shows just two figures for each data value. Construct a display showing the average value for tuition and fees according to type of campus setting and whether the school is public or private. Select Chart values from a table. Ancillary Items To further enhance the usefulness of the text a complete package of complemen- tary ancillary items has been assembled and they are available at the premium website accompanying the text: Thought you might like to join our tennis racquet division.


The sample statistic is a characteristic of the sample that is measured it is often a mean median mode proportion or a measure of variability such as the range or standard deviation.

For example 5 of workers say they use the Internet too much at work and that decreases their productivity. Within the two columns the variable to be represented by the vertical axis should always be in the column at the right. These determine which data values are assigned to that class.

It makes sense that better players will win more games and that better players must be paid more money thus it comes as no surprise that the higher-paid teams won more games. If not provide a set of data that could have led to this display.

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You are not attempting to suggest that 35 of all college students in the United States or even at your school wear Casio watches. The sample standard deviation another measure of dispersion is obtained by applying a standard formula to the sample values. Based on the crosstab and means in part c would it seem that any of the f ve suppliers should be examined further with regard to the effect their product might have on the f nal pressure capabilities of the f nished product Explain your answer.

As an option we could easily obtain descriptive statistics for the males compared with those for the females.

Place the frequency distribution for the new ball next to the one for the conventional ball.