IT – FUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTING computing – Pervasive computing and ubiquitous computing – Ambient computing – Pervasive. Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Pervasive computing integrates computation into the environment, rather than . Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Year / Sem: IV / VIII List and explain the applications of pervasive computing.

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fubdamentals List the 2 basic architecture in IEEE How Bluetooth technology works? Platform independent Secure execution Dynamic class loading Multi-threaded programming Object serialization 9. Compatibility Transparency Scalability and efficiency Security 4. Code Division Multiple Access systems use codes with certain characteristic to separate different users.

Explain about sensor node architecture.

Biometrics is the science of verifying and establishing the identity of an individual through physiological features or behavioral traits. Generic routing encapsulation GRE is an encapsulation scheme which supports other network protocols in addition to IP.

IT Fundamentals of Pervasive Computing Question Bank : –

Anna University – B. Data transfer can happen in three different ways: List the features of software operating system List out the WSN Application and give details about the application. Tag collision occurs when many tags are present in a small area; but since the read time is very fast, it is easier for vendors to develop systems that ensure that tags respond one at a time.


What is the EPOC operating system consists of the following features. What are the features of wearable computers?

Write down the advantages and disadvantages of passive RFID 4. What are the characteristics of mobile computing devices?

What are the most important characteristics of pervasive environments? What are all the features of IEEE Explain the adaptation features used by the mobile computing devices. What is mobile agent? What are the characteristics of mobile computing devices?

E Civil 5th Semester Question Draw the architecture of Windows CE and explain it. Discuss why routing protocols for fixed network cannot used for wireless Sensor network and explain any two flat routing protocols used for sensor Networks. Standard for wireless communications WLAN based on a radio system designed for short-range cheap communications devices suitable to substitute for cables for printers, faxes, joysticks, mice, keyboards, and so on.

An autonomous, ad hoc system consisting of a collective of networked sensor nodes designed to intercommunicate via wireless radio.

What are the requirements needed for mobile IP? What are the two main classes based on applications. What is the EPOC operating system consists of the following features. List and explain Technical Advantage of Mobile agents. What are all the characteristics of mobile computing devices?

IT1452 Fundamentals of Pervasive Computing Question Bank :

Differentiate UI design clmputing mobile device and conventional system. Wireless application protocol WAP is a common effort of many companies and organizations to set up a framework for wireless and mobile web access using many different transport systems. Draw the protocol stack of sensor network What are the applications of wearable computers? Explain the pervasive computing technology compare with Ubiquitous computing.


Write short notes on the following i Requirements of Computational infrastructure ii Failure management iii Security iv Performance v Dependability 6. Explain the features of software operating system. What is Dynamic source Routing? What are the three types of browsers available for mobile devices?

Write down the advantages of the Mobile Agent Paradigm Discuss about Routing protocol for Sensor Networks. Wireless Sensor Networks 9. Can be viewed as a Distributed Autonomous System for Information Gathering, Performing data-intensive tasks such as Environment habitat monitoring, Seismic monitoring, Terrain Surveillance, etc.

Explain the IEEE If a node needs to discover a route, it broadcast a route request with a unique identifier and the destination address as parameters.

All posts from kings. What is the aim of ubiquitous computing? What are the two main classes of sensors networks and data gathering sensor networks? What is mobile routing? Polling is a centralized scheme with one master and several slave stations.

What is sentient computing? Client and Server agree in advance on the protocol for communication. The CDMA better suits for connection oriented services only and not for connection less busty data traffic because it requires programming both sender and receiver to access different users with different codes.