Truth in Translation, by Jason BeDuhn (who is not George Kaplan, nor Jason David BeDuhn is an associate professor of religious studies at. “Truth in Translation” by Jason DeBuhn FREE Download The book touts the NWT to be the most accurate translation, so it has become immensely popular I find linguists not to have that bias, as beDuhn and Kedar show. Jason David BeDuhn, Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament. University Press of America. Reviewed by.

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BeDuhn makes a number of favorable comments regarding the New World Translation ‘s handling of specific verses in contrast to the same verses in Bibles favored by evangelical Protestants. I am making it sound as if the author has definitively settled these issues, which are surely still going to be debated till Doomsday.

Even with that, however, one word in upper case letters in a lower case sentence tends to bias in one direction, whereas all lower case letters clearly davd in the other.

Because Paul did not make this qualification, neither is the translator at liberty to do so. Concern about the translation is nonsensical under this light. Books by Jason David BeDuhn.

Let me simply close with his summary paragraph. BeDuhn uses Titus 2: You see, Protestant forms of Christianity, following the motto of sola scripturainsist that all legitimate Christian beliefs and trasnlation must be found in, or at least based on, the Bible. Translations produced by single denominations can and do defy our expectations of bias.

Any who attempt to cite Truth in Translation as vindication of the New World Translation ‘s freedom of translation bias must also realize that BeDuhn equally removes the legitimacy of the New World Translation ‘s claim that the Tetragrammaton was used in the autographs.

Truth in Translation : Jason David BeDuhn :

We can excuse any translation for not using “worship” when homage before man is described. I like reading stuff. BeDuhn brings a wealth of research and knowledge to the table. But it would mean that the translator editorialized the translation to imply a difference in status between Jesus and God which the Gospel writers did not make.

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Description Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain what is involved and what is at stake in Bible translation.

Dr BeDuhn neither represents nor endorses any particular denomination of Christianity.

Truth in Translation : Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

Both of these are interpretationsthough in all probability, only one is true. If we will recall, the debate regarding the nature of Jesus in the early centuries centered gruth whether or not He was “of the same substance as the Father.

It is therefore impossible for any English kn to entirely avoid bias because either adding or eliminating the capital “S” on spirit biases the translation. But ideologically the Catholic church is under less pressure to find all of its doctrines in the Bible than is the case with Protestant denominations, and this fact, combined with the vast resources of Catholic biblical scholarship, seems to have worked to the NAB’s advantage.

First, we note the Greek phrase that includes the word prototokos which is translated firstborn. I will have more to say about the “[other]” addition in verse 9 under the heading Chapter 7: The other translations, which along trnaslation the NAB do not indicate additions to the text in any way, slip interpretations and glosses into the text.

Among these are his constant lapsing into his own bias interpretation, incorrect handling of John 1: Yet I would argue that it beruhn impossible for him not to have theological biases. This is a quite controversial piece of literature, and BeDuhn makes it a point that he raises the ire of those not ready to set their biases aside in exchange of the evidence-based truths. It is not that we would expect obedience before God to be anything other than adoration. But hyperbole cannot be assumed in all cases.


But I would understand the above translation to be saying. If the expression refers to the mediation of creation though Christ, it cannot be saying at the same time that He was created as the first creature.

I believe BeDuhn has also stumbled on his own bias by allowing the use of “all [other]” in the NWT Colossians 1 passage. Though I do not agree with all of his examples. BeDuhn seems to work from bsduhn basis of absolute neutrality on basic fundamentals of the faith such as the deity of Jesus Christ.

If the reader is not familiar with this topic, it is one that has been debated frequently in today’s Bible translation field.

Mostly very accessible to the non-scholarly aside from a couple later chapters that get a bit bogged down in probably necessary Greek syntax. BeDuhn’s argument regarding relative and demonstrative pronouns is considerably stronger in categorizing the bias of the translations he evaluated. In it, he lays out the spectrum of translation philosophies from a Interlinear to b Formal Equivalence to c Dynamic Equivalence to d Paraphrase.

Jonathan rated it liked it Jul 23, This passage has several examples. The decision whether or not to make something implicit explicit is up to the translators, and cannot be said to be either right or wrong in itself.

New World Translation: Truth in Translation?

And precisely because they were considered true already, there was and is tremendous pressure to read those truths back into the Bible, whether or not they are actually there.

Why is Paul so intent in qualifying the things created?

I must simply leave it at that. The folly of such a statement is obvious.