Koldo Saratxaga Garrastatxu. likes. Local Business. View the profiles of people named Koldo Saratxaga. Join Facebook to connect with Koldo Saratxaga and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. Pedro Goruspe’s new book “El inconformismo de Koldo Saratxaga, semilla del éxito de Irizar Group y Ner Group” [The non-conformism of.

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Or check out any of the more than 50 stories of companies that have done similar things including examples in London and New York. So he implemented a new mission mainly sarataxga create employment and wealth through growth in the luxury coach market. Nothing should be hidden from staff. Saratxaag members were assigned to projects and team leaders were chosen by the team members themselves. Every team member involved in manufacturing received the same salary, regardless of experience or age.

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Koldo Saratxaga | Bizkaia Talent

There was no control to clock people in and out of the factory. But still, every now and then, unknown stories pop-up and continue to amaze us. The manufacturing and service facilities were relocated to one floor and all people mixed together on one level. Evaluations were solely based on team performance, and individual evaluations koldoo avoided.

When Koldo joined Irizar in the company was in deep crisis. Their capacity to adapt, to understand the client, to know how, when, why, what for, was much less. An almost flat organization which consisted of three main groups:. But more importantly, our model was based on interpersonal trust.

By implementing a system focused on people, strong customer loyalty, and a radically empowered workforce, Koldo saratxxaga to provide Irizar with a These groups consisted of multidisciplinary self-managed teams for all business functions, some kind of minifirms inside Irizar.


Next, he transformed their outdated management system that was composed of a traditional hierarchical structure and a clear top-down decision making process. Before approving both documents, Koldo encouraged everyone to discuss the documents extensively to ensure a clear and common understanding. But, the team members did share in the profits of the organization, which were evenly split over everyone.

What Koldo did in was saratxafa and innovative in the Basque Country, or everywhere. Loldo would, for example, set their own objectives and time moldo.

So we cut it off at the pass. He did this in kkldo Basque country where co-operatives are a way of life. In just over 10 years, Koldo and his team have helped to transform 50 organizations in the region of Bilbao. The physical space transformed as well, reflecting the new flat organizational structure. Additionally, Irizar was on the verge of bankruptcy. Hi Henry, I think you should read the next blog post www.

The Corporate Rebels are on a mission to make work more fun. They understood and were grateful a few months after we made the decision.

Professional Meeting with Koldo Saratxaga

While checking off their renowned Bucket List they share everything they learn. Team members were often part of more than one minifirm. Within Irizar constant communication — both internal and external — was strongly encouraged. This happened to us again last week, when we visited Bilbao Spain.

Everybody is the owner of his or her own work, relationships and decisions. Comments He did this in the Basque country where co-operatives are a way of life. The cooperative movement is full of principles praising transparency and other democratic measures, but most of the cooperatives especially those belonging to the Mondragon group are quite hierarchical even if workers vote in reality similar to shareholders in listed companies.


Koldo introduced a model at Irizar that was completely different from any other model in their sarztxaga. We met with Koldo during our visit to Bilbao.

Everyone was trusted to make an 8-hour workday and attendance was only known by your closest colleagues.

The minifirms enjoyed a high level of autonomy, and were given freedom to make decisions on their projects. Bonuses and commissions were banned. Their speed was never in line with the outside environment. After his period at Irizar, he started his own company K2K Emocionando to support other organizations to transform the way they work. They had their own space and their own department with their own key. They managed to ramp up the production of coaches from to coaches a year.

This meant leaders published their ideas, decisions and other news in a monthly internal magazine. The million dollar question is how Koldo achieved such spectecular growth.

For Koldo it was important that his people were building the future of Irizar instead of just chasing a set of dictated targets. Some of the results have been just as spectacular as Irizar. In total there were more than minifirms which consisted of about 4 to 5 people and a team leader. I think you should read the next blog post www.

These factors assessed specific aspects of knowledge, service level, market share, satisfaction and financial situation of each customer. And a radical change he made.