The Control Valve Handbook has been a primary reference since its first printing in. Control Valve Handbook | Table of Contents . Valve Sizing. This valve sizing software program is based on the use 1. Masoneilan Control Valve Sizing .. Note: Within this control valve handbook, the metric factors. Masoneilan Control Valve Sizing Handbook – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Cv Valve Size 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 0. To exactly determine the dynamic response of a process requires a complete dynamic analysis for each control loop. These are United States customary units and metric units for both kilopascal and bar usage. Values of numerical factors are included for commonly encountered systems of units.

Although these computed numbers are often suitable for selecting a valve from a series of discrete sizes, they do not represent a true operating condition. The equations are not intended for use when dense slurries, dry solids or non-Newtonian liquids are encountered.

MASONEILAN (2004) Control Valve Sizing Handbook

While the dollar cost is of great importance to a user, the Instrumentation Engineers, as automatic control specialists, are primarily interested in valve size from the engineering point of view as summarized in 2 above. A comprehensive set of Cv factor tables for all Dresser Masoneilan valves is included in one handy reference.

See page 30 for valve size 6″”. Cv is a capacity rating coefficient which is defined as the number of U.

By experience, some engineers feel confident in placing their normal masineilan strokes at a certain fraction of full stem travel. Body Size Inlet x Outlet in. The following paragraphs are discussions of normal control applications encountered in industrial instrurmentation. In this procedure, the numbers in the equations consist of values for the fluid and flow conditions and known values for the selected valve at rated opening. In Europe, the Kv and Av coefficients are more widely used.


FL xT Kc Max. Masoneilan Process Control Valves sizing handbook Collection of control valve vendor’s sizing programs link. Once a valve size has been selected, the remaining unknowns, such as Fp, can be computed and a judgement can be made as to whether the valve size is adequate.

Sizibg is possible to establish general guidelines based upon the extensive experience in field startups and troubleshooting. Handboko the Fisher control valve We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Is it not logical, then, to study the proposed operating conditions with the object of selecting realistic pressure drops from careful engineering surveys of all factors that can affect the proposed valve?

Feel free to download the Dresser Masoneilan control valve handbook in pdf format. Dresser Masoneilan valves utilize the surplus pressures even though the popular misconception is that valves create the drop.

Flow passing into the seats Flow Characteristics: An almost universal approach to valve sizing today is through the Cv factor method. Concentration, as measured by analysis such as pH, is best controlled by a valve with an equal percentage characteristic When the ratio of maximum to minimum valve pressure drop at full flow is greater than 2 to 1. A computer sizing program having this information in a database can perform this task.

MASONEILAN () Control Valve Sizing Handbook

Only in theory is the gain exactly the same for equal increments of valve stem position. When the plug throttles very close to maoneilan seat, high fluid velocities occur which can cause erosive damage.

Valvula masoneilan handbook for control valve sizing Technology. The formulas in the early chapters are set up in sections to simplify manual calculation for the more common control valve sizing problems. The function of a Dresser Masoneilan valve is ahndbook adjust its area to provide the rate of flow needed for maintaining a set control point. They are the dynamic response of the process and the combination of transmitter and primary device.


Hwndbook are probably several reasons for including such arbitrary numbers; but it is obvious that artificial data cannot be used in valve sizing. Flow to Open Flow Characteristic: For equal increments of valve stem position, there is a corresponding equal increment of flow.

A misapplied linear valve exhibits the opposite effect. Control Valve Tuning Handbook Masoneilan handbook for control valve sizing.

The factors that are related to specific valves are presented in this supplement to the valve sizing handbook. Published on Nov View Download 6.

Size Upper Travel in. This tabulation supersedes all previous listings since many changes were requiered to bring all ratings in line with actual test data taking into account the use of the critical flow factor, Cf.

Percent of Travel Flow Direction: This variation in where most of the total drop takes place is hwndbook of the most important aspects in choosing the proper valve characteristic for a given process. The accepted method of valve sizing in the U. The above recommendations are only as good as the hydraulic analysis of the pressure conditions in the system.

In fact, the three equations will do much that short cut means cannot accomplish. Masoneilan Control Valve Sizing Handbook valve bodies are part of the versatile easy-e family of