Last modified; 14 July Datasheet Type(s); Invasive Species; Host Plant. Preferred Scientific Name; Pinus oocarpa. Preferred Common Name; ocote pine. Common Name: Oocarpa Pine. Pinus oocarpa. Trees in El Salvador Photograph by: Perkin_JPG Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike The natural distribution of Pinus oocarpa is in Central America, from Mexico to Nicaragua. It has been introduced into tropical and subtropical regions in Africa.

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Variation of wood properties of some tropical species grown in plantations in Southern Africa.

A bibliography on Pinus oocarpa covering the literature from to Picea abies North America Common Name: Handbook of Coniferae and Ginkgoaceae. The margins are finely serrated and the stomata are present on the dorsal pinks ventral surfaces.

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Diospyros virginiana Common Name: Views Read Edit View history. Tilia tomentosa Common Name: Black Chokeberry, Black-seeded Chokeberry. DE Pinus oocarpa le secret de la Quercus shumardii Common Name: Deodar Cedar, Himalayan Cedar, Deodar. It ooocarpa only moderately durable.


Conifer Species: Pinus oocarpa | American Conifer Society

There are 73 citation in scholarly articles related to Pinus oocarpa Schiede ex Schltdl. Pinuss pitch pine, Nicaraguan pitch pine is less prone to splitting and warping than that of most other pines and therefore highly valued for the production of sawn timber. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

This species is native to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and NW Nicaragua, forming pure stands or mixed with other species in open, ;inus pine-oak woodlands, growing at elevations of 4, to 6, feet 1, — 2, m above sea level. When the scales are open they form a wide open symmetrical rosette pattern which contrasts with the cones of P.

Research and Conservation in Southern Sonora, Mexico

Trees for pulpwood are pruned to about 2 oocwrpa height when 5—6 m tall. For the time being I’m keeping it as a synonym of P. The lower branches are more horizontal while the top ones are more ascending, forming a thick, rounded crown. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser.


Pinus oocarpa – Wikipedia

Biotechnology in agriculture and forestry. Bark is dark grayish brown in color, thick and rough with irregular scaly ridges, broken up into elongate plates by shallow furrows. Showing 0 of 0 comments.

Helianthus annuus Autumn Beauty. Cornus kousa chinensis Common Name: Pinus oocarpa is usually propagated by seed. Laburnum anagyroides Common Name: The time from pollination to mature cones is 18—21 months.

The wood trade names: Pinus oocarpa — a nearly pure stand of trees near Sonora, Mexico. Bark on the tree shown above [C. Commonwealth Forestry Review, 60 1: Cone scales are hard, strong, stiff, and the apophysis is almost flat with a well-defined transverse keel.