13 Aug I’m new to QTP and Automation. I’ve just installed QTP and busy working through the tutorial. I’m getting the below error when using the. Hi Folks, Can anyone share with me the QTP User guide or Tutorial in PDF format pls? I am in need of it and Howzz QuickTest Professional. Software Version: Tutorial. Manufacturing Part Number: T Document Release Date: January Software Release Date: January

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QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP (UFT)

This is a shame. Hi Iam an experienced oops programmer with over 10 years of experience in various languages, presently working as an Architect. Anonymous on December 31, at Downloaded the qtp from hp site and installed.

It will be a great help for me.

New FlexTable test object methods available for advanced data grid controls Note: QTP Script 28 How to rename all subfolders within qqtp given folder? I was unaware about QTP. I found one small issue in this page.

ANU on September 9, at Dear Ankur, I posted previous comment but it disappeared. Try again starting with: Ankur on December 31, at I went to the linked site and it brought up a bunch of inappropriate sites.


QTP Tutorials & Interview Questions: QTP Scripts

Ofcourse you need to have the patience to go through it. QTP Script 19 How to minimize, maximize, restore, resize a notepad? Sarita on November 12, at Hi Ankur, Your blog is really a boon for people wanting to learn QTP; but still we more dependant on traditional methords of futorial download the demo, tutoriall the handbook, try xyz… and should be able to kick start your QTP bike… I know this may sound wierd; but i want to suggest we should design a standard tutorial which covers based on your professional experiences and market needs, this tutorial will also have extensive excercises to give the beginners handfull of exposure.

If you are into QA even for a while, chances are remote that you may have not heard of this three letter acronym. What are the prerequisites to download QTP tool? Hi Ankur, First thanks for such a wonderful work. Possibly te URL is wrong.

What is QTP/UFT Automation Testing Tool?

Anonymous on June 3, at Add first 3columns and compare with 4th column if both are same display Passed in result column otherwise Failes. HP QTP is an automated functional Testing tool that helps testers to execute automated tests in order to identify any errors, defects or gaps in contrary to the expected results of the application under test.


Anonymous on November 17, at I have recently become a bit curious about Test Automation, I see that thre is a possibility of exploiting my programming experience and using that for Test automation. Can you please fix that? Ankur Jain on June 14, at Anonymous on July 20, at QTP Script 13 How to rutorial if a particular library file is associated with a test and to associate it if it is not already associated.

Software Testing Expert on July 27, at Bye n tc Devanshu. Hi do you have any pdf file about qtp 8. Thanks for your time in advance. Thank you in advance Reply. Being so many years in product software devlopment i am well verse with testing conceptsalthough never performed any testing role.

Thanks in advance for your help. It is greatly appreciated.