19 Oct Hello SAP GurusDoes anoyone has documentation about Vendavo Price and Margin Management?? What I’m specially looking for is Vendavo and SAP. Today’s top 33 Sap Vendavo jobs in United States. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Sap Vendavo jobs added daily. Are all of these costs being tracked and allocated per each transaction? • Are strategies in place that are reflective of the customer segmentation? • Are winning .

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All this can be done without getting lost in a maze of spreadsheets. A basic ID may not give you access to all the features in the portal. Pros In addition to linking together tables and views from the database in order to get data into your report, Crystal allows you to write your own SQL queries using an “Command”.

SAP PMM VENDAVO Training | SAP VENDAVO Online Course – GOT

Subreports, when used correctly, are a powerful feature for bringing additional data into a report. It’s quite cumbersome, but I know how to use it fairly well.

Vendavo has a great Analytics module. Without compromising too much on your business process Vendavo deal manager can be implemented to different business units of a large organization. You are trying to make an elephant dance and it is proving to be a futile exercise.

SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo

It provides an easy, authenticated solution, that works, is quick, and is easy to maintain. He is a sports buff and has represented his company in Cricket and Badminton tournaments in the past.


Babu Prasath is a Vendavo veteran who has worked on multiple verticals across various Geographies. This is available on any kind of device that your Salesperson will have so that he can make deals with all the information available at his fingertips.

What discounts are being given, who is giving it and why are they giving it. But if you are still using Spreadsheet based pricing or a legacy system which just creates Pricelists for all this, you have seriously handicapped your Pricing team. You have done everything in your ambit to make your organization more profitable.

Other than new types of database connections, SAP has indicated that they will not be upgrading any functionality in “classic” Crystal. It can control price variation and margin reduction with appropriate workflow process.

Online Knowledge Product SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo

Nihar has varied experience in the Vendavo Implementation space. For that you need to create Rules and Policies for them to follow. Full integration with the SAP Customer Relationship Management and SAP ERP applications lets you capture the profit opportunity from improved pricing — without extra user training or changes to your current pricing processes.

A seasoned professional, Nihar has done end-to-end implementations of the various modules of Vendavo. Price Optimization Manager is an award winning solution from Vendavo which will empower your Sales force to make better deals and help plug leakages in your Margin calculation.

Prateek has a very good foundation in Software development and experience in Business Development. Webi is great for quick ad-hoc reports or vemdavo analyses. SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo The SAP Price and Margin Management application by Vendavo helps you understand your pricing power, negotiate more competitively with customer procurement departments, reduce discounting, and stop profit leakage from rogue deals.


If you have no clue, then you have not done your pricing right. For all this, you need a rock solid pricing solution, which will integrate with your ERP package and help you manage your prices and make your bottom line look pretty.

SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo Documents

They do their research, find out vendavvo target audience, position our products well, price them right. This is the way it’s gendavo for years and SAP has indicated that it’s not something that’s going to be changed. J Hieber Consulting Medical Practiceemployees.

The latest and the most potent tool that Pricing Applciation offers, is the Price Optimization Manager, which is a cocktail of your deal from Deal Manager and analytics from your Profit Analyzer with a sprinkling of Price Manager to help things run. You have escaped from the jaws of oblivion.

Deal Guide is a empowering your Sales force with the Deal Manager asp. As mentioned earlier, we have over a dozen vendors that supply us with information, not to mention the various team members that require access to the system to generate reports and draw conclusions from them.

SAP Crystal made it so that we did not have to worry about formatting or overlapping data once we got them connected to our servers. What is the process like in your business.