22 Nov Vanniyakula Kshatriya or Vanniar is one of the major communities in Tamil Nadu. Vanniyars are the only caste of Tamil Nadu to have a history of a book of. The name Vanniyar is derived from the Tamil word ‘Vanmai’ which means valor. At Sirkazhi Vaideeswaran Temple Inscriptions about Vanniyar Puranam are. Introduction / History Most Vanniyars in India are in the three adjacent southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andrha Pradesh, mostly concentrated in.

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Do not beat your own brothersI have friends mudaliyarsvellalarsagriculture is ,gods own jobyou are the people telling agriculture is slave s job, there is no agriculture how you eat think about itI am proud to be agriculture man. The community called palli changed their name to vanniyar only in the 19th century. Vanniyars people can claim Pallava dynasty by solid Evidence. Yes, More Vanniyar History have been Destoyed and it continues till.

Vanniyar – Wikipedia

Vanniyar – Wikipedia Some Padayatchis retained their rule as chieftains and Poligars after the downfall of the Tamil kings. This is the caste name of Vanniya kula Kshatriyas.

Note that in the history based novel Ponniyin Selvan by KalkiVandhiyathevan is described to be an offspring of Vaanar. Newer Ni Older Post Home. As well check mine vanniyar brides in chennai. Hi, I am Thigala from Bangalore, Karnataka, a leading criminal lawyer, any hisstory about our caste roots in tamilnadu, please give information.

A primary sourcethe Yalpana Vaipava Malaistates that some were descended from Vanniyar caste immigrants from modern Tamil Nadu. Story of Jesus audio Jesus Film Project. In the hamil list they are not mentioned as Vanniyars but Padayatchis which proves that it is more than a caste title.


Bydue to their successful politicking a process known as sanskritisationthe term Palli was removed from the Madras census, with the term Vanniya Kula Kshatriya appearing instead. In Panruti taluk of cuddalore dist vanniyars called as padayatchi,they have surnames as sempirayar, samarthiyaar,thennavaraya,mazhavarayar, nayinaar etc here. Ragul Rg 20 February at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

They are now rapidly progressing. Why Vanniyar History being Destroyed by Others? They simply do not like vanniyars to improve but they want vanniyar vote. In many parts of Tamil Nadu it is only the Vanniyars who were mentioned and called as Padayatchis.

Vanniyan in India | Joshua Project

Among the lower castes in the Tamil Nadu, they are the most populous and they are one of the very earliest caste to be socially well organized.

Hi Histpry from Malaysia my caste is arasu padaiyatci. Though this one is found as a title in some other castes too, “Padayatchi” aptly refers to a large population of the Vanniyar or Palli Caste.

I am very happy. The Vanniyars are originally slaves of Brahmins and Mudaliars. The life of the great Kadava ruler Kopperunjinga [ 4 ] is a good example for this proverb. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.

In the denotified list they are not mentioned as Vanniyars but Padayatchis, which proves that it is more than a caste title. University of Chicago Press.

Mudhaliar lam oru jati nu vandhutanga. Idiot how can a chola army be a Mudhaliyar Dont u have any sense chola army consist of 28 sub types there were been nearly thousand armed force was with them is a said record when he invaded south east Asia with his navy there were mens with them.


Retrieved 27 May Padayatchis and Vanniyars have minor differences as Padayatchi is a class within the Vanniyar castes. I really proud as am a vanniyar also as we are ruler. The Nayaks of Sri Lanka, Unknown October 19, at Know more about the Vellala Slave Sudras http: A five level scale estimating the progress of church planting among a hiatory group, country or language. Hi, does any one know the connection to vanniar or padayatchi and the place call mundal in sri lanka.

Open Doors International ranking of persecution of Christians by country. Vetri Matrimony 15 January at Sema comedy Sir Nenga go and see the history it’s a Vanniyar sub caste nayakar which is stolen by Kandi naidus so called telungu nayakars Its a Great work from our community i want to know more and more about our traditions.

Vanniyqr Template by BoopathiKrishnan. Some Padayatchis in Vallambadugai near Chidambaram have the caste title “vanatharayar” which is sometimes attributed to their root from Vaanar Kulam. Nowhere in the Tamil Nadu backward classes list will you find the name Padayatchi among the non-Vanniyars. The language with the most individuals speaking it as their main language in a particular people group. When the Chola rule started to decline the army commanders and ministers took the administration and formed their own rule.