After one of his talks delivered by Dr Kalam, a tenyearold girl A.P.J. Abdul Kalam would like to place on records his Geography and Revolution. Book Summary of Revolution Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys. One wanted to use his intelligence to make money. 25 quotes from Revolution Love, Corruption, Ambition: ‘Don’t be serious, be sincere.’.

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That it makes me to feel i am inside the story Despite sacrificing his lifelong love to bring about the “revolution”, Gopal still doubts whether he is a “good man”. But once he finds the way to achieve success, the story becomes gy, the characters becomes more confused and the climax Retrieved 24 February It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context.

Revolution – Wikipedia

Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. The plot confuses you even though it tries to cover so many topics in one story. It makes for a decent if in some ways annoying YA novel — but one wishes Bhagat had allowed his characters to show more growth and eventually some actual maturity.

It shows us the true colors of life in the villages of India and also the true work that our representatives ‘claim’ to do. I don’t cast them as heroes or villains. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. R has addressed the issue of how private coaching institutions exploit aspiring engineering students and how parents put their lifetime’s earnings on stake for these classes so that their children can crack engineering exams and change the fortunate of the family.

He with the help of politician invites two prostitutes as a part of his birthday surprise and ensures Aarti witnesses it, making her hate him forever. Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. Well just completed reading the book at one go, I could not put it down after reading a pages or something.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. More than all of their devotion put together, that’s how much I loved her. Dec 22, Akshat Solanki rated it liked it. Aarti and Gopal chat online, and Aarti reveals her relationship to Gopal, who is heartbroken. This review was written within days of the release of R: The corruption stories mentioned in dis book are known.

Writes a book instead of a movie sc I will give those two stars only because he and his books never fail to create curiosity and buzz among the people.

Revolution does offer many interesting insights into fast-changing contemporary India, especially the educational and business systems. Aarti is the typical Indian girl who has the dream of becoming an air- hostess and yet cares a lot for her family and friends.

Revolution – Canada. I have managed to keep my friends both men and womenwithout resorting to hugging or kissing them frequently, letting any of them pay for my cups of coffee constantly, and taking advantage of Why oh why must everyone keep harping on the darn issue of men and women cant be friends?

And the admission procedures are centralized state wise. The timing of his novel is perfect after Anna ji’s movement against corruption.

The author gave us a perspective from which we could not just follow the better thing but he rather gave us a comparison of two different situations and gave us a choice. That is where we come in. The system is twisted, they don’t want to touch it. Love, Corruption, Ambition 3. It has to be built from the ground up — ghagat even the ground-issues take some bribes to fix the land is zoned for agricultural use — but part of the fun is in seeing just how many palms have to be greased revolhtion order to get things running.

View all 3 comments. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. They are still unmarried.

Revolution – Chetan Bhagat

His profession creates some problem to Gopi. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’ll go out on a limb here and call Chetan Bhagat an idiot. But this was too much. When you read a book were the three main characters are two guys and a girl you kind of have an idea of where the plot will take you. This story is about three friends who grow up in holy city of Varanasi.


I did however prefer Two States to this book. This is the book that will help us change our own outlook and do something about putting it into practice for the betterment of our country.

Gopal goes to Raghavs office but a chance encounter with a poor farmer and his kid who had come to Raghav for help shakes him up and he realizes the folly of money, power and wealth.

Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition

Aarti, however, does not consider herself one of those people who would go about raising their hand and participating in election campaigns. I love him because he forced a generation to read and inspired a breed of authors to follow his footprints.

Even revolution vy not been discussed properly Be happy with whatever you get. View all 4 comments.

Revolution 2020 Quotes

Their friendship flickers on and off, bu Aarti continues to want to maintain a connection to Gopal — and eventually, as Raghav becomes engrossed in his own work, she is tempted by a closer relationship with Gopal. Be open-minded and things work out. Paperbackpages.

This is not my theory at all but a conclusion I perceive the author believes based on reading this book. Overall, its a good read. All you do is point out the obvious flaws noticeable to everyone, what have you suggested to battle it? The story is set in Varanasi, one of holiest places in India, considered as a places to cleanse oneself from sins.