Download and complete a claim form, and email your completed form and receipt /s to [email protected] with your name and member number in the subject line. CLAIM FORM. 1 Your details. 2 Hospital service details. 3 Statement by member. 4 Details of claim. 5 Details for payment of benefits. 6 Declaration by member. If you get ill while studying, your Overseas Student Health Cover with ahm .. Fill in a claim form, include receipts and mail it to (no postage stamp required).

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The perks far outweigh what you pay in premiums. I forj painfully await the procedure and curse them every day, then move cover. Month after month, they charged me the full amount when I should have gotten the 2nd month free.

Hospital cover yes, extras no Downhill Madman replied on Jul 15, If I could leave negative stars then I would. I tried to resolve with their complaints department and was told the same thing. Does 30 years of loyalty count – NOPE!!

Medicare Two-way claim form (MS001)

I left AHM to go to another and they responded by harassing me calling up to 3 times a day. I have only had a couple of small “extras” claims which were made within 3 months, so did not experience that problem. AHM deserves more than 5 stars.

In summary, decidedly sold in my mind. I tried to ask to have my policy put on hold for 6 months or even less because we are in financial hardship at the moment and was told that it is not financial hardship and nothing could be done.

After a failed direct debit, I was notified via email explaining this, followed up via a phone call. My partner had bad dental health and I’m pregnant but fully intend on having my birth in my public hospital was amazing last pregnancy.


Upon receiving the phone call I was in a position where I was unable to provide my card details to which I was told the outstanding amount would be taken out of my next direct debit, which I was fine about. A welcome call will come in the next few days to answer any questions you might have. Claims are done within a day and almost everything has no wait periods. Customer service didn’t care about the lack of communication and were only interested in the payment.

Apart from phone calls, no other line of communication was expressed i.

Looking for Insurance Comparison Websites? Avoid at all cost. I have been trying to cancell my health insurance with ahm for a month. Very happy with the decision to join AHM.

Waiting time appears to be minutes to cancel policies. Not to mentioned the service I received while on the fund was poor. This is your cliche insurance company that happily takes fees for years, returning nothing in the instance you wish to claim. Write a review on ProductReview. In all that time I had never, until yesterday, received a call designed to ensure that I had the best cover to suit me, other than when upselling was clsim.


I was told i’d still be accepted into the public system. If they want to partner with a dental practice it should be one that a dentist solely owns and has their name on the practice. I have the super extras cover only and the way it’s structured is really useful. They aggressively pushed a product on me that they knew was not going to meet my greatest need in an insurance product, despite me telling them multiple times what I was looking for.

Best Insurance company so far We have used.


Your trust is our top concern. Insurance claim made Worst customer service. Horrible customer service, either a crappy company or a company that hires crappy people. Always had excellent service when I’ve needed to contact them as well.


Home | ahm Overseas Students Health Cover

He is no longer working and we are down to just my income. After being hung up on and speaking to various service members I was told a different story each time and no one could explain why I wasn’t notified.

Hello i am with oshc ahm i need to do mri head so does it cover bu ahm? Their apparent partnership with Pacific Smiles who billed me incorrectly and then had AHM to refuse to corporate to get my refund processed. They also could not deliver to any other promotional promises they make such as bonus flybuys points.

Just one other thing, check your services provider is an approved supplier first before going gung-ho with spending hundreds on services.

Verified Customer Through my time of Financial Hardship they have no solution other than to cancel and loose everythin. They have a decent ‘live chat’ service. Jamie asked on Mar 05, Above and beyond what I expected of an insurance company, they actually seemed human.

Making a claim is easy and the money is either in your bank the next day or your bill was automatically reduced by the covered amount while still at the EFTPOS machine. Fast forward 2 months, I received a phone call stating that the future transactions had been cancelled and had 2 months of premiums owing fork my cover was no longer “financially current”.

All ahn do is tell them what you are looking for and they do the rest and find the cheapest policy f Now Laser eye surgery is next for me, what is next for you?