Bandwidth Manager software manual covers topics from network configuration and sharing Internet connection to instructions and explaination how to create. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager is a Windows PC gateway software which helps you control and limit Internet usage, including download and upload rate. access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity. Software includes statistics and reporting with many useful features. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Manual.

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Define different access time, download, upload etc. Complete list is located here. What is Antamedia Bandwidth Manager?

Knowledgebase : Bandwidth Manager

Upon connecting to network using wireless cards or UTP mwnualcustomer will be prompted to type username and password to get access to Internet. If your customer login to your HotSpot from Manua, to logout computer automatically after certain period of inac Auto start Bandwidth control. Antamedia HotSpot offers different credit card processing gateways. Antamedia HotSpot software add on HotSpot Click wil help you to increase revenue by displaying ads and content of other companies within your Hotspot webpages.

Our bandwidth shaper is very suitable for Internet and game cafes as it tightly integrates with Internet Caffe software enabling automatic blocking of traffic when user logout. Click on Profile 3. To make sure that you have correct certificate file, please open it and verify that it begins with: Bandwidth quota is specified by pricing plan 4.

Every Start and Stop of the session, employee login and Logoff, every sell is stored in central database log file. With this option is defined user expiration date.


Log contains customer username, time and date, so this option can be used to analyze which web sites your customers visit and for latest antiterorism reports. When accounts are used, employee assistance is not needed.

If You get the message ‘Error: This setup page offers highly configurable tax system. Home Submit a Ticket Knowledgebase Troubleshooter. This page will be recreated managee support Express Checkout.

Print Manager software manual covers software configuration, creating user accounts and groups, specification and setup of printers which wil be controlled or not, statistics and other features. If you have any question which is not explained in Manual, feel free to contact us! IP and MAC address, time left, quota bandwidth left for usebandwidth data transfer per second and inactivity. To download latest versions of our software please go to download section.

How to generate accounts? Online games, viruses, worms etc will not be able to generate undesired traffic. Main panel shows the most important details of connected computers: If you prefer smaller computer icons, you can switch to compact view and display more computers in screen. When customer walks in, you can simply sell paper ticket which contains username, password, time and bandwidth available. Choose Pricing Plan 3. How to allow computer access to the internet without bandwidth co This option allows fully automated process if you already use Antamedia Internet Caffe software in your cybercafe.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

Inactivity timeout option can be used to automatically disconnect a user from the Internet after specified time of inactivity. When you configure login parameters for known user press on Add User button to save it and add to Users list.


For more details please visit http: How to archive Bandwidth Manager database? HotSpot software tracks port 25 which is used for e-mail sending.

How to create a Bandwidth Manager User ?

Each plan is defined with price, anatmedia, bandwidth, description and days in which account expires. You can see a list of bills with date and time of charge, account username, subtotal tax and total amount charged. Determine whether you want to print a receipt by checking ‘Print bulk accounts 3×7 on one sheet ‘ option But access to the internet will be limited for all users.

You can generate accounts for example, for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours and sell them to your customers. It’s applied to time blocks and bandwidth quota. How to track inventory, get reports and statistics, how and from where to set happy hour or configure loyaltee and man As soon as customer connects to your Access Point or switch, router in case of wired connectivity and types any web URL address, login page will be displayed in browser.

It is assumed that this computer is configured as gateway and connected to internet. For example if you want to bandwidrh IPs in range User connection can be stopped using the following steps: