3 Mar A five-day festival held recently brought out the love, longing and lyricism in Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam. Sulekha Creative Blog – “Ashtapadis or Ashtapadi are Indian hymns where the music has eight lines (steps) within each composition. Each ashtapadi song is set . Ashtapadi Ashtapadis or Ashtapadi refers to the Sanskrit hymns of the Geetha Govinda, composed by Jayadeva in the 12th Century. The ashtapadis, which.

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This work has been composed in twelve sargas, bearing the Dvadashakshari mantra twelve-syllable mantra of Krishna.

The literal meaning of ashtapathi is ‘eight-steps’, refers to the fact that each hymn is ashtaladi of eight couplets eight sets of two lines. The Ashtapadi is a work by Jayadeva, a great devotee of Krishna.

Parashakti, the Supreme Energy, is of the form of air which is favourable to convey sound or music. Yet others sing these as taught by their gurus.

Myriad moods of Ashtapadi

It is this concept that appeared embodied in the form of Radhakrishna and performed several lilas in order to lead the hearts of devotees into maturity. Home Talk Property Beat. Its songs are an important part of the devotional music and literature of Orissa, Bengal, and South India. Portions of the poem represent one of the major subjects in medieval Rajput painting.


He who awaits ashatpadi arrival of his devotees with eyes wide open.

Many writers have specified the raga and tala in which wshtapadi verses are set. Moksha is unalloyed bliss and all other pleasures we experience are but drops of this Ocean of Bliss. Gita Govindam is a lyrical poetry in twelve chapters, sub-divided into twenty four divisions called Prabandha. This page was last edited on 21 Septemberat Since it is a song gita about Govinda, it is called the Gitagovinda.

The Prabandhas contain couplets grouped into eights, called ashtapadis. Radha, who could not bear to be separated from Krishna, sends her apologies to Krishna through a friend.

Gita Govinda overflows with ‘Madhura Bhakti’ known as one of the nine forms of devotion to God. The poem is ashtaapadi in devotion to the god Krishna. Of these, music and dance have very intense, personal significance. They bestow grace upon devotees.

We have no knowledge of Moksha and the unknown is to be reached through the known. According to Semmangudi R.

Myriad moods of Ashtapadi – The Hindu

It is lyrical poetry divided into ‘Prabandhas’ which contain couplets grouped into eights called ‘Ashtapadis’. Asgtapadi Krishna is with his wife Viraja in Goloka. Srinivasa Iyer, the doyen of South Indian Carnatic music, “Ashtapadi is sung daily in many of the temples of Kerala, as the pious Hindu considers it a devotional song of the highest order.


However, she would not be appeased. For the film, see Ashtapadi film. The Ashtapadi was composed with these two texts as its source.

Ashtapadi | Revolvy

This Nayaka-Nayaki Bhava is akin to the relationship between the Jiva and Ishwara, in aspects such as the experience of union and devotion. He gave the world deep, precious philosophical thoughts, through the eighteen puranas. He who protected Brahma and Shiva. These meaningful names explain the import of the Ashtapadi clearly. He who accepts every one who seeks his Grace as Lakshmi herself.

Useful Info e-Seva Portal Subscribe: The ashtapadis, which describe the beauty of Lord Krishna and the love between Krishna and the gopisare considered a masterpiece in esoteric spirituality and the theme of ‘Divine romance’.

Creative General What is an Ashtapadi?