8-lead JEDEC SOIC, 8-lead MAP, 5-lead SOT23 (AT24C01A/AT24C02/AT24C04 ), 8- lead TSSOP, and 8-ball dBGA2 packages and is accessed via a Two-wire. Buy AT24CPU AT24CPU Browse our latest eeprom-memory- chips offers. Free Next Day Delivery. EEPROM Memory IC 4Kb ( x 8) I²C kHz ns 8-TSSOP.

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Read-Only Author erik malund Posted Aug Neil Posted 9-Aug Mathematical formula of the minimum separations required between two patch antennas? Try and get the program working bit by bit – you could sort out the serial comms first by responding with known data rather than stuff read out of the EEPROM, for instance. View our Delivery Information at24c044 more details.

We will always give the most realistic and achievable timescales before we take your order. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

[SOLVED] AT24C04 Memory Addressing

If you are in any doubt, please feel free to call us and we will answer any queries you may have. It is customary to lay-out your code with indenting, etc, so that the “structure” is quickly visible.


Dufour I suspect you are seeing the AT24C02 “stretch” the I2C clock when it stores the data in the shift register into the memory. Initial value depending on the input 8. The clock on the I2C bus is “negotiated”. Use cut-and-paste and, please a program that compiles without errors – unless, of course, you are asking about a compile error. If someone were to pay me to look at the above code, I would say “no thanks”.

Interface failed to acknowledge device address Here is my change. If placing an order online, you may wish to contact us for confirmation of the delivery date. a24c04

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Access Denied

Of course, this makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to the compiler – but it will be a great help to you in following and understanding your code. The device is optimized for use in many industrial and commercial applications where low-power and low-voltage operation are essential.

Neil Posted Aug I don’t know exacterly why. It’s that deja vu feeling all over again!

The code in your exisiting post at4c04 could do with the same treatment: Neil Please see the instructions for posting code: But when i write a byte to AT24C04 then i can’t write device address. This way the clock actually “slows” down to the slowest device on the I2C bus, basically stretching things out a little.


The 24C04 has 4K bits capacity arranged as addresses 0 to 0x1FF each with 8 bits wide. Quiery regarding cadence So addressing upto 0x01FF is possible.

Need guidance on addressing memory 0. The IIC bus is limited to depending on the device or kHz and you definitely seem to clock faster.

Sample Codes

Have you checked the device manufacturer for sample code, or looked at any other examples? How is addressing done in DDR at24c4 For more information about this card please contact us or take a look at the product datasheet.

So, go on – show the simple code, explain carefully what it’s meant to do, what it actually does, and what you’ve done so far to debug it.

Today I would not even dream of bit-banging IIC. Circuit suggestion for an current limited power supply application 6.