6 Jul Barely a Lady by Eileen Dreyer Dear. Ms. Dreyer,. When a friend told me that you had started this historical series, despite the fact that I’m pretty. 7 Jul Barely a Lady. Eileen Dreyer. Buy This Book. Every once in awhile I will pick up a romance that lives up to the critics’ claims of being written to a. Barely a Lady (Drake’s Rakes, book 1) by Eileen Dreyer – book cover, description , publication history.

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Though like a lot of h, she cannot resist the H when he’s around, I somehow didn’t find her to be weak or stupid.

Barely a Lady (Drake’s Rakes, book 1) by Eileen Dreyer

Not even Jack when he learns that Gervaise made it so Olivia had to sleep with him for her survival, or when he found out Gervaise tried twice to kill his son, the son he wasn’t there to protect.

And she finds Jack on the field of battle, dressed in a French uniform and convinced they are still wed. Also, befitting a fiction she makes good and powerful friends hs of later book and it’s while living with them that she come upon the wounded and amnesiac H — in French army uniform.

Nov 09, Elis Madison rated it really eielen it Shelves: Must belong to group of equally titled gentlemen working as spies. In the present, they meet 5 years later in Brussels with the battle of Waterloo as the background.

Then there was Jack’s creepy cousin Gervaise, who is down right evil in the things he’s done to her, but aside from Mimi the mysterious mistress spy bsrely him in the end, no one else gives him barrly just desserts.


None of these things were fleshed out and developed. I’m not going to say for certain, but after cordite I didn’t want to be babysitting my iphone to double check anything I had doubts about. Lady Bea’s condition is wacky, strange and again, completely unrealistic, but I did love it. Eileen spent time not only in England and Italy, but India to research the series it’s a filthy job, but somebody has to do it. The hero is the quintessential gold Mixed review.

There would be no consulate around the corner. Even after all he’s done to hurt her, she takes it upon herself to nurse him back to health.

I highly recommend this book! Yes, we girls should stick together. If I were in that situation, to say I would be angry with my ex would be an understatement, so if I were to miraculously survive through it all and five years later see said ex-husband on a battlefield — dying — with no witnesses, or cameras around.

Maybe I was just overtired staying up late every night the past week reading will do that to youbut this book had my eyes stinging several times. The lovely picture perfect ending in no way reflected how I thought it should have wrapped up. I’d give more examples, but again, not getting up to check. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

And you don’t even have the balls to ask her about it? Why women give men second chances when they least deserve it and how easily they throw their love and gentleness back in their face. Mass Market Paperbackpages.


Barely a Lady

In the end, rileen they risk everything to help Jack recover his lost memories, even though the truth may destroy them both? He thinks he and Livvie are still married and wildly in love.

Though I do like him when he’s so puppy eyed with the h and was really quite confused for most of the book, making him seem less eiledn and tough that dreywr will want to shout at him, I actually found what he’s done pretty unforgivable yes I’m quite a tough cookie I guess.

He is the man from her past, although he seems more serious, more capable and darker. Now, the reason I would give this less than 5 stars is because although I loved the heroine, I had a hard time with the hero. When he is finally introduced to us and his father, he has the presence of mind to ask I just didn’t buy the continuing attraction she had, and her inability to fight it.

On top of this, he’s constantly angry with Olivia and he has lingering feelings of doubt about her from their past. She’s not an unlikable woman altogether, but one can’t even properly sympathize with her due to her silly acceptance of Jack Makes me like him a lot less, but whatever.