HIE. Eagle Scout candidate’s full legal name. Please give a name to your project. Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook No. May 5 Jun This is the newly revised Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. Scouts who have already downloaded the previous workbook may continue to. 24 Jun The Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (No. ) is regularly That latest upgrade came on May 20, Find the new workbook.

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| Boy Scouts of America – Chippewa Valley Council | Eau Claire, WI

Preliminary Cost Estimate Explain where the total of the money is coming from. You are one of the many dedicated adults who support the Scouting program by sharing your knowledge. Rep has the authority to approve. May be required due to mode of transportation. On the Revenue side: Review the form for each section of the workbook with the Scout before he starts each of the phases. Emphasize the goodness of the fix, not the severity of the problem.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. If you are just beginning to plan your project and you want some ideas about including the necessary planning, leadership, impact, and safety requirements needed for approval, click here. Is the Scout ready to create the next level of detail?

Projects should be low cost. Notes provided in workbook Scouts may need advice on group or generic names.

Eagle Scout Service Workbook 2014 Interactive

In each step, write down what you did in order so that those reviewing project will understand the process you followed. Project fundraising should not compete with other efforts of the Unit, District or Council. The Workbook has spaces for a FEW key photos. Submission to the District Eagle Board of Review as part of the completed Project Workbook can help them make that same assessment.


This effort gets you ready to be out there directing the efforts of your workers and, yes, handling the job parts that may not be going as easily as you hoped.

Scouts who have already downloaded the previous workbook may continue to.

Make sure he understands the importance of the project in obtaining the rank of Eagle. If not, please follow the instructions below.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Does the Scout seem ready to be successful? Put captions on the images. All pages of the completed Internet Recharter must be submitted for processing.

His Proposal will become part of workbkok completed workbook. Plan your Work, Work your Plan.

All those who were approved after that, must use the new workbook above. Start by considering the comments that were made during District approval, and eavle documenting any changes that have become necessary. I have tried on four different. If required, must be submitted to Council office Prlject submitted and approved, include a copy of the document s with the Final Report. You will need 3 signatures, yourself, the beneficiary, and your Scout Leader.

If in doubt, check with the District. Elizabeth Dibble Arrowhead Advancement Chair eagle scout project workbook Make sure re-approval is not needed: If required, the paper form works better for Eagle projects, rather than the online form.


The coach is a voice of experience.

Eagle Scout Service Project Fundamentals

There are several rules on the use of the cards. Make sure the Benefiting Organization B. Review the rules, and the content of the workbook forms, with both the Scout and his parents before he starts. If your project was approved before December 31,and you have been using the old workbook the one with the zcout scou a scout on ityou may projrct up using that.

Registration Forgot your password? If you are at the end of your project and have already been using your workbook, skip projext section scoug go to directly to the bottom section.

We think you have liked this presentation. Naming eeagle steps to get done, the jobs to do is hard. Even if your Project Coach is hesitant, value his or her advice, and have them stay in touch as things go along. Published by Dylon Newson Modified over 3 years ago. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The value for sciut ordinary tools is not required. Create the list of jobs to be done — which is needed on Page D.

Complete Final Review — Make sure all signatures and dates are present!