Despre dragoste si alti demoni – biblioteca marquez Gabriel Garcia Marquez: : ISMAIL KADARE: Books. Despre dragoste si alti demoni – Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 73 likes. Book. Despre dragoste si alti demoni Nobel prize winner and author of One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel García Márquez tells a tale of an unrequited love that.

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View all 30 comments. View all 6 comments. Jun 20, Vanessa J. The bishop ordered Father Cayetano Delaura to take charge of the exorcisms of the girl, but he ended up obsessed with her and the bishop removed him from convent and sent him to care for lepers.

This was only a very short book but every sentence was really beautiful and I just took my desore to savour every word.

Sierva Maria is a young girl born to the Marquis.

Sierva represents the abandoned in all of us; the part left alone for so long it’s forgotten to wish. Other readers in our book group also complained about this.

Of Love and Other Demons. And when one of them decides to extend his heart, it is much too late.

He becomes a widower and this defines him for much too long of his life. Open Preview See a Problem? While Murakami tries to dissect the universal human condition with so much empathy, does Marquez only seek to tell licentious tales?

Return to Book Page. Mustering my aspirations to save the girl, I went to the physician who was the first person outside the immediate noble family of the Marquis who was made aware of the Girl’s instability ,which as his scientific gafcia of a doctor would decree, said that the dog bite might be the the cause of the Girl’s distress. For the abbess, everything that is strange in the convent is provoked by the possessed.

Despre dragoste si alti demoni

The Bishop felt his interactions with the Dr were bordering …more Delaura confessed to the Bishop everything, with the exception of his love for the girl. This book starts off very slowly and almost slyly, as if someone has started telling a long-winded story and you’re really not paying attention, and then, halfway through the story you realize that you’re hanging onto every word.


From one of the campas came a copper-colored hair of twenty-two meters belonging to a young woman. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He lets life and its glory slip through his fingers without a single taste.

One of the inmates of the convent discovers how Delaura enters and uses the secret passage to escape, the passage is discovered by the abbess and closed forever. His works have achieved significant critical acclaim and widespread commercial success, most notably for popularizing a literary style labeled as magical realism, which uses magical elements and events in order to un vwac de singuratate real experiences.

Mary never knew why Cayetano never returned and was exorcised by the bishop, who cut her long hair and kept her locked because the signs of demonic possession only increased. View all 13 comments. Garcia Marquez, Gabriel – El otono del patriarca [] r2. It may well be lost in translation but even if the author craftily intends for the reader to feel disturbed almost subliminally by the extreme physcology at work, then he doesn’t do enough to provoke a reaction from this reader.

He replenishes her flesh and restores her bones and puts her atli a time that can only be received with a heavy heart: The torrent has been downloaded times, the speed is very fastdemonj latest downloading time at The Girl was everything to me, the love of my life, the burning sensation in my loins, the apple of my eye and the Indomitable Sun.

Anyway, this richness of the images, what this book made me feel, is the yabriel why it will go on my list of favorites and be my favorite Gabo book, at least for now. View all 10 comments. Near the end, when he searches for his estranged second wife, if only “so they might at least each have someone to die with” — the absolute desperation and loneliness of the image and the words and the intent and the deeply-rooted truth behind it was enough to make my heart constrict in sympathy, empathy, and panic.


But she is a child, with an altered imagination because she was not raised with her people. See 2 questions about Despre dragoste si alti demoni…. Mary stopped eating and died, always wondering why Cayetano never returned.


She is different because she was orphaned by her living parents. An Abbess that cannot magquez in front of her nose, serving the malicious fundamentalism of the monasteries.

Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. She does not conform to general etiquette, she does not act, think, or speak like her color. Garcia Marquez, Gabriel – Povestea tarfelor mele triste. View all 3 comments. Of Love and Other Demons 4 55 May 26, He wrote many acclaimed non-fiction works and short stories, but is best-known for his novels, such gabeiel One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera Furthermore, the psychological implications of the virus and the way in which victims were dying helped in elevating rabies to the sphere of the metaphysical and the unexplainable.

View all 56 comments. In spite of that, Maria and Cayetano were seen every night secretly in the convent and they fell madly in love wrapped in an indescribable ecstasy.

The next one I picked up after that was this one. Where the instance of a 36 year-old man wanting to make love to a 12 year-old girl, makes you think of a doomed romance but not pedophilia. I should re-read this soon, now that I think about it. Sa fie oare aceasta descoperire fructul imaginatiei inflacarate a autorului? Marquez fans, dempni of beautiful language. I covered my afflicted eye with a dark patch. He grows complacent, laxed and forgets to live.

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