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Allah promises you rich spoils which you will acquire. Therefore, Allah Himself explained that it was He Who had shown the vision and it was a true vision and it would certainly be fulfilled. The Muslims numbered only and had come without any weapons, were encamping at the boundary of Makkah, miles away from their own city, and the enemy could attack them in full strength, and could surround them with fatwhna allies from the adjoining tribes as well.

Every Arab tribe would have the option to join either side as its ally and enter the treaty. At the most what one can say on the basis of this verse is that the launching of an attack in such a case should be avoided in order to save the Muslims, provided that it does not put the disbelievers in an advantageous position against the Muslims militarily, or does not diminish the Muslims’ chances of gaining an upper hand in the conflict.

Allah has such hosts by which He can destroy and exterminate the disbelievers completely whenever He wills, but He has deliberately and by wisdom only placed fatahhna responsibility on the believers that they should enter fatqhna conflict with the disbelievers and struggle to make the Religion of Allah prevail and prosper in the world. That at that time there were quite a number of the Muslim men and women living in Makkah, who were either hiding their faith, or were being persecuted because of their faith as they had no means to emigrate.

You did not feel uneasy in spite of your claim to the Faith but were pleased to think that you did not put yourselves in the danger by accompanying the Messenger.

Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.

The other aspect of the expedience was that Allah did not will that Makkah should fall to the Muslims as a result of the defeat of the Quraish innaa a bloody clash but He willed that they should be encircled from all sides so that within two years or so they should become absolutely helpless and subdued without offering any resistance, and then the whole tribe should accept Islam and enter Allah’s mercy as it actually happened on the Conquest of Makkah.

These were the blessings that the Muslims gained from the peace treaty which they were looking upon as their defeat and the Quraish as their victory.

In other words, it implies that by causing the treaty to be concluded at Hudaibiyah Allah paved the way for and inspired the Holy Prophet with the plan by which he could subdue all the forces that were resisting Islam. Dhil-Qa’dah was one of those forbidden months which had been held as sacred for pilgrimage in Arabia for centuries.


Furthermore, Imam Shafe’i also says that if during a conflict the disbelievers put a Muslim in front as a shield and a Muslim kills him, there can be two possible alternatives: The second tradition has been reported in Bukhari, Muslim, and Tabaqat on the authority of Hadrat Said bin al-Musayyab.

On hearing this verse, Hadrat ‘Umar asked: The Holy Prophet repeated the order thrice but the Companions were so overcome by depression and dejection that they did not comply. No one was far sighted enough to foresee the great benefit that was to result from this treaty.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. But this commentary goes against vv. War would remain suspended for ten years, and no party would indulge in any hostility, open or secret, against the other.

At last, after a great deal of confusion, perplexity and hesitation they were overcome by their false sense of honor and for the sake of their prestige they took the decision that they would at no cost allow the caravan to enter the city of Makkah. Here the words insha’-Allah have not been used in the sense that if Allah does not will, He will not fulfill His promise, but in fact these relate to the background in which this promise was made.

This pledge is well known in the history of Islam as the pledge of Ridwan. Their unity of aim and object has produced in them love and harmony and complete accord among themselves. He implored the Holy Prophet that he help secure his release from imprisonment. But not long after this the truce’s being a victory began to become manifest, and everyone realized that the triumph of Islam had begun with the treaty of Hudaibiyah.

Inna Fatahna Laka Fathan Mubina Rectangular Set Small

In other words, he did not bring this Religion so that it might survive in a limited compartment of life which is allowed it by the dominant religion, while the rest of the spheres of life, by and large, should remain under the relentless control of some false religion. Thus, it was all because of Allah’s bounty that on all these critical moments fatanha Muslims were blessed with full peace of mind with regard to the leadership and guidance of the Holy Prophet, the truth of Islam and the truthfulness of their mission.

Not only did he return but under Suhail bin ‘Amr from the Quraish also arrived a deputation to negotiate peace with the Holy Prophet. This has two aspects: Urwah went back and said to the Quraish: We have explained it fully in E. However, as the address is directed to the Holy Prophet and declared that Allah has forgiven him all his former and latter faults, the general words also give this meaning that Allah pardoned all the shortcomings which were the shortcomings in view of his high position of His Holy Messenger.


Allah has granted you the upper hand over them. What Allah means to say is this: No one understood the expedience because of which the Holy Prophet was accepting the conditions.

Delivered and freed from this calamity when they arc able to achieve an abode of Islam darul-Islam in which the Divine Religion is enforced in its entirety, and along with that they are also provided with the means and resources by which they may establish faith and righteousness on Allah’s earth in place of disbelief faathna wickedness, this would be the perfection of Allah’s blessing on them. Another gain that accrued from the truce with the Quraish was that being assured of peace from the south the Muslims overpowered all the opponent forces in the north and central Arabia easily.

When the Holy Prophet reached Usfan, he brought the news that the Quraish fattahna reached Dhi Tuwa with full preparations and they had sent Khalid bin Walid with two hundred cavalry men in advance towards Kura’al-Ghamim to intercept him.

But while on the way to Makkah he again fled and went and sat on the road by the Red Sea shore, which the trade caravans of the Quraish took to Syria. Allah restrained your hands from them and fatahn hands from you.

But he had brought it so that it should be the dominant Religion of life and any other religion should fathana, if at all it survives, only within the limits in which it allows it to survive.

The Quran: Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.: Section 1 ()

Man’s face is an open book on the pages of which different states of a man’s self can be seen easily. But when Hulays went and saw that the whole caravan had put on the pilgrims garments, had brought sacrificial camels with festive collars round their necks, and had come for doing reverence to the House of Allah and not to fight, he returned to Makkah without having any dialogue with the Holy Prophet and told the Quraish chiefs plainly that those people had no other object but to pay a visit to the Ka’bah; if they debarred them from it, the Ahabish would not join them in that, because they had not become their allies to support them if they violated the sacred customs and traditions.

That is why Allah honored them with this certificate of His good pleasure. The events in connection with which this Surah was sent down began like this: