Kazi Nazrul Islam: A Rebellious Bengali Poet Dr Shamenaz Assistant Professor . His rebellious poem, Bidrohi, which was published in the magazine, “Bijli”. Kazi Nazrul Islam (Bengali: কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম) was a Bengali poet, musician and revolutionary who Accomplishing a large body of acclaimed works through his life, Nazrul is officially recognised as the national The Rebel And Other Poems. Selected Poems of Kazi Nazrul Islam (English and Bengali Edition) [Kazi Nazrul Islam, Syed Mujibul Huq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Nazrul studied at a maktab and madrasarun by a mosque and a dargah respectively, where kazj studied the QuranHadithIslamic philosophyand theology.

Kazi Nazrul Islam – New World Encyclopedia

Nazrul’s poetry and songs explored the philosophy of Islam and Hinduism. Man ploughs the fertile land; woman sows crops in it turning it green. However, Nazrul’s health seriously deteriorated and he grew increasingly depressed. Nazrul’s mother died kazland his second son, Bulbul, died of smallpox the following year.

This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3. At the time of publication, no other poem since Tagore’s “Shonar tori” had met with such spontaneous acclaim and criticism for its radical approach. Falling in love, they married on April 25, However, I have asked my relatives to refuse that money….

I ride on the wings of lightning with joy and profundity, I scatter misery and fear beengali around, I bring earth-quakes on this world! He was also admitted in Ranchi Jharkhand psychiatric hospital for many years.


Bidrohi (poem) – Wikipedia

The instrument is not unbreakable, but who is there to break God? Thy curse has turned my violin to a sword The first lines of the song are played at most military ceremonies or functions.

Nazrul followed up by writing “Pralayollas” “Destructive Euphoria”and his first anthology of poems, the “Agniveena” “Lyre of Fire” inwhich enjoyed astounding and far-reaching success. Nazrul wrote and composed music for nearly 4, songs many recorded on HMV and gramophone records[18] collectively known as Nazrul Geeti. I have been accused of sedition Retrieved 27 March From the time of his return to Kolkata until he fell ill inNazrul composed more than 2, songs, many of which have been lost.

However, Nazrul’s poems strongly emphasise the confluence of the roles of both sexes and their equal importance to life. InNazrul began working for Calcutta Radio, supervising the production and broadcasting of the station’s musical programmes.

Nazfulhe was transferred to a mental hospital in Ranchi. Nazrul’s recording of Islamic songs was a commercial success and created interests gramophone companies about publishing his works.

Kazi Nazrul Islam

Should a single person be hurt, all hearts should feel it equally. With his wife and young son Bulbul, Nazrul settled in Krishnanagar in I am the fleeting glace of the veiled beloved, I am her constant surreptitious gaze…. Man comes with desert-thirst; woman provides the drink of honey.

nazrup Archived from the original on 26 November This might be my last letter to you. The Nazrul Endowment is one of several scholarly institutions established to preserve and expound upon his thoughts and philosophy, as well as the preservation and analysis of the large and diverse collection of his works.


Many centers of learning and culture in India and Bangladesh have been founded and dedicated to his memory. Although he never saw active fighting, he rose in rank from corporal to havildar, and served ;oems quartermaster for his battalion.

Bidrohi (poem)

While enjoying commercial success, Nazrul sought to preserve his artistic integrity by condemning the adaptation on his songs to music composed by others and insisting on the use of tunes he composed himself.

Nazrul also wrote a large variety of songs inspired by the raga Bhairav. Looking at my head Is cast down the great Himalayan peak!

He published his first novel Bandhan-hara Freedom from bondage inwhich he kept working on over the next seven years. A medical team in Vienna diagnosed the disease as Morbus Pick[19] a pkems incurable neurodegenerative disease.

The following Wikimedia Foundation sister projects provide more on this subject:. My nerves are shattered.