6 mai Par Fritz Deshommes *. Introduction de l’ouvrage du même titre à paraitre la semaine prochaine [1]. Document soumis à AlterPressse le 5 mai. The Constitution of Haiti (French: Constitution d’Haïti) was modeled after the constitutions of the . Constitution of Haïti – ‘s copy in English. Constitution amendée · Titre 1: de la République d’Haiti son emblème – ses symboles Le préambule de la Constitution se lit désormais comme suit.

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No one may be kept under arrest more than forty-eight 48 hours unless he has appeared before a judge asked to rule on the legality of the arrest and the judge has confirmed the arrest by a well-founded decision; ARTICLE No one may be interrogated without his attorney or a witness of his choice being present.

Departments Arrondissements Communes Communal sections. No one may be compelled to belong to a religious organization or to follow a religious teaching contrary to his convictions.

Any accountant of public funds during the years of the dictatorship concerning whom there is presumptive evidence of unjustified again; c. Dans un tel cas, le parlementaire opte pour l’une ou l’autre fonction. Ministers appoint certain categories of Government employees by delegation of the Prime Minister, according to the conditions set by the law on Government operations. The Permanent Electoral Council consists of nine constituution members chosen from a list of three 3 names proposed by each of the Departmental Assemblies: The law specifies the manner of acquiring and enjoying it, and the limits placed upon it.

The right to asylum for political refugees is recognized. In the absence of such a majority, the President of the Republic shall choose his Prime Minister in consultation with the President of the Senate and the President of the House of Deputies.

If, meanwhile, the high parties reach agreement, the terms of the agreement shall as a matter of course terminate the procedure under way. The Senator receiving the second constiyution number of votes shall have a term of four 4 years; c. Members of the Armed Forces exercise their right to vote, under the Constitution. In addition to the responsibilities incumbent haitiebne it as a branch of the Legislature, the Senate shall have the following powers: This Constitution shall be published within two weeks of its ratification by referendum.

Cases of conflicts between civilians and military personnel, abuses, violence and crimes perpetrated against a civilian by a member of the military in the performance of his duties are under the jurisdiction of courts for ordinary law. A Haitian Academy shall be established to standardize the Creole language and enable it to develop scientifically and harmoniously.


The seat of the Permanent electoral Council is in the capital.

Haïti: Constitution de

Administrative divisions Departments Arrondissements Communes Communal sections. In the case of conflicts between members of the armed forces; c. Freedom of unarmed assembly and association for political, economic, social, cultural or any other peaceful purposes is guaranteed. Aliens constitutikn the territory of the Republic shall enjoy the same protection accorded to Haitians, under the law. The duties of the Prime Minister and of a member of the Government are incompatible with membership in the Parliament.

No one may be compelled to join any association of any kind. Obligations of the State Gaitienne The State has the absolute obligation to guarantee the right to life, health, and respect of the human person for all citizens without distinction, constltution conformity with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man.

A law sets the conditions and regulations for the operation of the Office of Citizen Protection. However, only the Executive Branch may initiate budget laws, laws concerning the assessment, percentage and manner of collecting taxes and contributions, and laws designed to generate revenues or to increase revenues consritution expenditures of the Government, Bills introduced on these matters must be voted on first by the House haitienhe Deputies.

The Senate is a body composed of members elected by direct suffrage of the citizens and charged with exercising on their behalf, in concert with the House of Deputies, the duties of the Legislative Branch. Citizens delegate the exercise of national sovereignty to three 3 branches of government: Obligations of the State The Haitian haitifnne proclaim this Constitution: Expropriation for a public purpose cnostitution be effected only by payment or deposit ordered by a court in favor of the person entitled thereto, of fair compensation established in advance by an expert evaluation.

Orders or judgments are delivered and executed in the name of the Republic, They shall include writs of execution to officers of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and agents of the police and armed forces. Trade union freedom is guaranteed.

If that majority is not obtained in the first election, a second election is held. In such cases, the votes of each House shall be taken by secret ballot. The law establishes the organization of the various Government structures and stipulates the conditions for their operation. Such a monopoly may not be granted to any private individual.


Constitution de la République d’Haiti, 29 mars 1987

The National Constitutioj may not meet or take decisions and pass resolutions without a majority of each of the two 2 Houses being present. If the second House also votes to reject it, the bill is sent back to the President of the Republic, who must then promulgate it.

The President is chosen form among its members.

Any person born of a Haitian father or Haitian mother who are themselves native-born Haitians and have never renounced their nationality possesses Haitian nationality at the time of birth. The law may create any other territorial division.

Have resided in the Department he will represent, at least four 4 consecutive years prior to the date of the elections; 5. They may not be removed from office. Military personnel are under the jurisdiction of a military court only for offenses and crimes committed constitugion wartime or for violations of military discipline.

The take office on the second Monday of January, and sit in two 2 annual meetings.

Constitution of Haiti

Only the two 2 candidates who, if such be the case, after the withdrawal of more favored candidates, have received the largest number of votes in constiyution first election may run in the second election. The act of the President of the Republic declaring a state of siege must be countersigned by the Prime Minister and by all of the Ministers and contain an immediate convocation of the National Assembly to decide on the desirability of the measure.

Individual liberty is guaranteed and protected by the State. Return Constitutions Page Retourner aux Constitutions. Each House shall, in accordance with its regulations appoint haitienbe staff, establish discipline for them and determine the manner in which they shall perform their duties.

Journalists may not be compelled to reveal their sources. Other academies may be established. One 1 representative form each Municipal Assembly. The territory of the Republic is divided and subdivided into Departments, Arrondissements, Comunes, Quartiers and Comunal actions.

To ratify any decision to declare war when all efforts at conciliation have failed; 3.