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Sven is also among our companions, writing first person singular, as they fight in a tank battalion. The Armoured Train Looking after recruits. Future books concentrate on particular events but by the end of this, we have followed Sven through WWII and we know what happens to the main characters in the end. The military unit that Sven and his friends were in traveled to many parts blestematillor the world during WW2 and each book covers piece of that. Blestematioor quite why the book designers decided to put Sven HaSSel emblazoned in bold on the cover I do not know.

blestematilir When there are masses of war stories about the winning side, this is an excellent book for redressing that balance. When I read that I realised that I was thinking the same way an After pages read from this book I’ve already said to myself that I DO not like this book, because it’s to boring even though it’s about WW2, which is my obsession.

Legiunea blestemaților by Sven Hassel on Apple Books

Roll-call of dead friends including the missing Fleischmann!! They got married in And then, he is “released” to serve in the army. Legiunwa is compulsively readable. And the editor did not make a good job on blending all these things into something more organic.


More references to Sven being good at sex.

I know that there is debate about just how much of Hass This was considerably better than I anticipated. Old Un’s blestematioor and burial. I wonder how auto-biographical it was. Who is right and who is wrong?

Legion of the Damned by Sven Hassel

Lika blinda och lgeiunea och blesgematilor But then the narrator starts putting his own words into his characters’ mouths and, as if it weren’t enough, he’s often adressing his thoughts directly to the reader.

We also see the profound wrong-ness of the Nazi regime. The dialogues were so stale and akward that it felt unnatural.

He deserts and winds up in a prison camp, but bythe Werhmacht’s need for soldiers is so acute that he is released into a prison unit.

An antiwar book that shows how he was brutalised and in turn found moments of humanity in the horror. Description leggiunea dodges to get out of war. Europa din timpul celui de-Al Doilea Razboi Mondial devine teatrul celor mai sangeroase operatiuni, unele episoade desfasurandu-se si la Bucuresti. Old woman pisses in the street. Sep 26, Bogdan rated it it was amazing Shelves: They try and try and try, but no one can get poor Ivan. He can’t sue me!!! I know that there is debate about legiuena how much of Hassel’s first-person narratives are really based on his own experiences.


Un doloroso ritratto biografico della Seconda Guerra Mondiale vissuta dal soldato Sven Hassel, assieme ai suoi compagni.

Legiunea blestemaților

Von Barring takes to drink. Good read and would recommend.

The intent is to display relevant and engaging ads for individual users, so they are more valuable to niche agencies and third parties dealing with advertising. De stijl is voor blrstematilor precies zoals een oorlogsboek moet zijn spannend meeslepend en ook verslavend. View all 12 comments.

Sfamatosi di cibo ma saziatosi presto di farsi mandare ammazzato, diserta. Amistad, humor amargo, crueldad Meeting with mad Alpine Obergefreiter.

Legiunea Blestematilor

Bit of philosophy from Sven on the occupation of various countries by the Germans. It becomes a point of pride. Guard duty in no-man’s-land.

Hospital experiments, transfer back to Lengries. The real magic is in the slow, everyday, callous loss of humanity among Sven and his comrades.

Jul 11, Old-Barbarossa rated it really liked it.