Learn the 72 Melakarta Ragas (scales) of South Indian Carnatic music with audio and visual representations. Use this interactive Melakarta chart to search for. A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, ( kramasampurna) and has the same notes in the Avarohanam, as its descent. 12 Chakras of Classical Indian Music. Melakarta ragas are fundamental ragas from which other ragas may be generated. For this reason the melakarta ragas.

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Searched ragas will be highlted red on the chart, indicating their location.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The center of the chart represents the origin of all Melakarta ragas. However, today the 72 melakarta ragas use a standardized pattern, unlike Venkatamakhin’s pattern, and have gained significant following.

Venkatamakhi, a gifted musicologist of the century is credited to have put all the sampoorna ragas, which are the main emlakarta parent ragas in a logical order. This indicates our two eyes 3.


Mahabharata has several mentions of this musical note Mmelakarta -Madhyama — Meaning centrally located Dha- Dhaivata — Divine or pertaining to divinity, the Lord Ni- Nishada — Nishada again was a kingdom in vedic period of courageous Nishada tribes. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Melakarta ragams svg. First locate the square in which the swaras are marked.

The digits corresponding to the first two syllables of the name of a raga, when reversed, give the index of the raga.

The melakaerta ragas are divided into two major groups for convenience. One such set of six ragas is called Chakra. Do you know if and how a specific raaga affects a person, and if at all chakra plays a role for example, all raagas in a chakra has the same healing property, etc.


From the melakarta ragas only, many derived or janya ragas are possible. Bulls are yoked in twos for agricultural operation, which may be the reason for indicating number 2 Ga- Gandhara — There is uncertainty on the etymology of this swara.

He is considered the father of mela system of ragas. The 12 notes of the Melakarta ragas are given with notations for easy reference.

Later Govindacharya came up with a more mathematical and regular system of 72 ragas, which is currently considered fundamental ragas musical scales in Carnatic music South Indian classical music. The Melakarta Chart is a visual representation of all 72 Melakarta Ragas and their derivations.

Thus the classification of the melakarta ragas was developed.


Rudra chakra — rudra represents number eleven Indian classical music portal. Parthasarathy and other musicians of standing. Kanakangi S R1 G1. Skipped notes or repeated notes, etc.

Retrieved from ” https: Vativasantabhairavi [1] Dhativasantabhairavi [2] [3]. PDF version of chart.

Shri Koteeswara Iyer has composed songs in all the 72 Melakartha ragas, in Tamil. Ragas form the basis of melodic music of India and some of the ragas form the parent or melakarta ragas. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He has composed varnas, kritis, raga malikas, padams etc in many languages. Clicking on the name or circle for any of the 72 ragas will bring up a popup which contains information about that particular raga.


It is also quintessential to know about the chakras which classify the 72 ragas into 6 groups. The first half consists of 36 melakarta ragas with shudda madhayama M1 and the second half contains the other melakarta ragas with prati madhyama M2.

Later Venkatamakhin expounded in the 17th century in his work Melxkarta Prakaasikaa a new mela system known today as melakarta.

The chart is separated into a hierarchical tree model with representations for each swara family. The naming rragas the original system followed Katapayadi system. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carnatic ragams svg. Except Sa and Pa, which are fixed at a definite frequency, the other five swaras- Ri, Ga, Ma, Dh and Ni have two sets of swaras-the lower and higher or komal and teevra varieties. For Example, if you select G2, then you may only select R1 or R2.

The mela system of ragas was first propounded by Raamamaatya in his work Svaramelakalanidhi c. Rragas is easy to see that R and G will also give six variations, thus each of this can generate 6 ragas due to D,N variations, therefore there will arise in all: We saw in the beginning of the Raga-a-Week feature, that there are twelve distinct notes in the scale and allowing for more than one value for some of them we get the sixteen swara scale.