Now learn and retain difficult words for GRE, SAT etc and build up your vocabulary in an efficient way. Use over a videos on our Video Mnemonic Dictionary. This GRE exam app has following features. => GRE words with definition and mnemonics => Easy to learn Mnemonics => List form => Don’t need to learn. 17 Dec This GRE exam app has following features. => GRE words with definition and mnemonics => Easy to learn Mnemonics => List form => Don’t.

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I’m going hiking way up the wilderness.

What a horrific uproar which sounds like abhor or uphoar!!!! Sundry The oldest way to preserve food and a new way to learn a word. Definition noun the state of an engine or other mechanism that is idling Mnejonic Sentence the car engine was running at idle. Home Video Mnemonic Dictionary. Example Sentence baseless gossip the allegations proved groundless idle fears unfounded suspicions unwarranted jealousy.

The oldest way to gde food and a new way to learn a word.

There’s a pineapple, stripped bare of the skin, and it is crying these big, fat pineapple tears, saying, “Why am I left alone? In MTV dictuonary there was person name Vibhor Parable Right out of the Holy Bible. Histrionics Who better than Shakespeare to make you understand this word?


Mnemonic Video Dictionary | Learn and retain GRE, SAT words | Learnodo Newtonic

Bhor in hindi means morning we regard morning with hatred’ki kyun aa gaya yaar kitna acha soye the’ so abhor. So for instance in CGI, this animation, this computer animation. Example Sentence The King abdicated when he married a divorcee.

Money talks and you learn a word. Your heart cries out for learning this word. Lesson by Chris Lele Magoosh Expert. Venturesome A funny film helps you get adventurous with a word Veracious A truthful man teaches you a word of truth. It’s been going on for 45 minutes and you forget about the lamb, and you go off and you’re texting someone or maybe you’re updating Facebook, whatever it may be, and all of a sudden, you smell something burning and you go oh my my gosh, and you look into the oven, and there in the oven, you see the lamb, and the lamb is really upset because you tried to baste the lamb.

Now you maybe even came up with a better one. Its not easy to catch fish. A very thin bird and a word.


I’m big fan of mushrooms on pizza and my sandwich and I’m eating it and all of a sudden walking down the log I see an ant. Sign up for Magoosh to get access to over video lessons. Pious Whats so special about the pies of america. Evanescent Smell something nice, a word perhaps. Hirsute A lady who redefined fashion helps you bring a word in fashion. So that is an example of a mnemonic. Repine What does the reputed wine have to say? If interested, please reach out to us at career opencubicles.


Abash- bash can be drub, which is humiliating. Mnemonic Video Dictionary Tenuous A very mnemonix bird and a word.

Mnemonics Memory Aids for iconoclastic. So, one who destroys idols into pieces is iconoclast. A beautiful Oscar winning actress helps you with a beautiful word. Exculpate An X that will clear all doubts Exigent As the lover runs can you run off with a word. Now that is a ridiculous story. Four Words of Fighting. Example Sentence the immigrants spoke an odd dialect of English he has a strong German accent it has been said that a language is a dialect with dictionqry army and navy.

Then fire will generate to start bike. With this word, you could come up with a creative way of memorizing it.

He may help us with this word. Example Sentence an imaginative orchestral idiom. So you can pause dicitonary video now that I’ve defined the word and try to come up with something creative. She may not like you. Gingerly A common root roots for a word.