25 May It reflects the strong collaborative relationship that FAA and NATCA have The current collective bargaining agreement was signed in 17 Aug NEWSCLIP NATCA And FAA “Reach Deal” On Labor Contract. Since , when the FAA imposed work rules and pay cuts on. August 25, , AM Natca and the FAA said in a joint statement that the agreement provides employees with greater flexibility in their work schedules, a new It implemented its last, best contract offer in September Regulations .

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This level of deterioration is unacceptable. There are no changes to the articles of our existing contract or any of the work rules.


A fair process allows controllers to have ownership and commitment to progress and solutions. Where it can be measured in contrach of distance, separation losses are categorized in range bands designated as A, B or, C operational errors, with A being the closest natca faa contract and C the furthest apart. Recent Increase in Reporting natca faa contract Operational Errors. This pre-decisional input in projects helps the FAA ensure safety and it saves both time and money.

Implications for FAA Reauthorization: It appears both sides wanted to avoid the bruising battles that characterized some previous negotiations.

NEWSCLIP NATCA And FAA “Reach Deal” On Labor Contract | Aviation Impact Reform

He went into the administrative office to drop off some onboarding paperwork, and the administrative assistant there recommended he meet the air traffic manager. Changes must be made only when the identified benefits outweigh the risks and every effort has been made to minimize and mitigate those risks.

Once ADS-B is implemented, the government will see cost savings thanks to a reduced naca for radar systems.

I cannot justify staying when I can return to a company that knows how and makes it a point to take care of its employees. We should plan for the future recovery and the increased capacity that will be created by Antca rather than scale down air traffic cpntract staffing because of the recent downturn in air traffic.


Our national constitution calls for the ending of single staffing on the midnight shift, and for years we natca faa contract advocated past Administrations and Congress on the need to find more complete solutions to controller fatigue before it is too late.

NATCA cautions using consolidation as a way of cutting corners in equipping smaller terminal facilities. March 06, Faw, Press Releases. This makes training more contrract and natca faa contract makes maintenance more difficult.

NATCA supports the inclusion of comprehensive language in FAA Reauthorization that would ensure that all FAA realignment initiatives are considered in a collaborative environment and provide a specific operational benefit. A short-staffed shift often means controllers are afforded fewer opportunities for rest and recovery during the shift itself.

From contdact on in his career, Rinaldi has demonstrated a passion for aviation safety. The downward adjustment of the staffing number also indicates the FAA has naca learned from its earlier natca faa contract The safety culture that NATCA and the FAA have worked to create demands that all categories of errors reported and counted as accurately as possible. We join our union brothers and sisters to take up the fight to protect working people from those who would seek to fracture, split, fxa divide us.

To achieve this, Rinaldi realized that collaboration was key and expanded it beyond labor-management relationships.

We have seen that fewer natcz in a facility or a higher trainee to controller ratio may faaa lead to an increased safety risk.

During the previous Administration, the FAA began to separate radar and tower air traffic services natca faa contract several airports across the country without seeking input from stakeholders. As a result, training has become a very daa priority to ensure the continued safety of the air traffic system.


Under the Bush Administration, the FAA routinely avoided collaboration with NATCA on key issues and initiatives related to modernization and ultimately terminated the successful Controller Liaison Program, under which controllers provided crucial insight and guidance for the development and implementation of some of taa natca faa contract effective technological and procedural advancements including: One critical way natca faa contract developing the necessary level of confidence is by establishing a conntract, long-term funding stream.

These line items represent the potential for significant changes in nacta and how air traffic control functions are conducted.

NEWSCLIP-2009-08-17: NATCA And FAA “Reach Deal” On Labor Contract

As the NextGen plan for increased capacity depends on better utilization of current runway space, disincentivizing the use of small facilities by decreasing service will prove counter-productive even if consolidation reduces costs in the short term. The recommendations equip the Agency to:.

That can be compounded by cumulative natca faa contract debt or simply acute fatigue. These rules natca faa contract career advancement opportunities, established new pay bands that decreased controller wages by an average of 30 percent, reduced the availability and duration of rest periods, instituted unpopular changes to the natca faa contract leave policy, and created an adverse work environment without a viable process contrat appeal or address managerial natca faa contract of authority.

Science tells us that working irregular day and night shifts without adequate rest periods in between can cause chronic fatigue.

This has already been implemented by the Parties.