(a) The carrier or the party in possession of any of the property described in this bill of lading shall be liable as at common law for any loss thereof or damage. STRAIGHT BILL OF LADING ORIGINAL – NOT NEGOTIABLE. * Mark with an “X” to designate Hazardous Material as defined in Title 49 of the Code of Federal. Shipment tracking with R+L Carriers. Bill of Lading. Prepare freight to be picked up by R+L. 3. Pickup Request. Arrange a time for R+L to pick up freight.

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Bill of Lading (BOL)

These options allow customers an opportunity to guarantee delivery of their freight to be worked, staged, warehoused, cross docked or otherwise handled before the end of the laring. Shipper Address Line 2 optional. Consignee Address Line 2 optional. Your shipment will arrive by Shipping freight is faster and easier online.

Broker Address Line 1 optional. How would you like to proceed? If there is a balance remaining after all charges and expenses are paid, such balance will be paid to the owner of the property sold ladjng, upon claim and proof of ownership.


How do I receive this great service? Ship in Tools 1. Try the full-featured tool. Guaranteed Service Guaranteed arrival by 5PM based on standard service.

Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions

If the description of articles or other information on this bill of lading is found to be incorrect or incomplete, the freight charges must be paid based upon cardiers articles actually shipped. Except in the case of negligence of the carrier or party in possession, the carrier or party in possession shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay which results: When can we pick up your freight?

O hour window required. By adding a declared value, the shipment will be subjected to an additional charge if it exceeds our limitations of liability which is determined by freight class or NMFC item number. No thanks, I would like standard delivery.

Versions of Netscape will not function as expected. All of your Pickup Request Data will be cleared out if you uncheck this box.

Get a rate quote in a new window. Bill of Lading Use a Saved Template. Bill To Address Line 2 optional. When can we pick up your freight?


Nevertheless, the consignor shall remain liable for transportation charges where there has been an erroneous determination of the freight charges assessed, based upon incomplete or incorrect information provided by the consignor. Get the best in speed, reliability, and service by selecting an option below.

Where claims are not filed or suits are not instituted thereon in accordance with the foregoing provisions, no carrier shall be liable, and such claims will not be paid. When perishable goods cannot be delivered and disposition is not given within a reasonable time, the carrier may dispose of property to the best advantage.

As easy as click and ship!

Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions. Uniform Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions.

If you have questions, please call Shipper Email Address optional. Consignee Email Address optional. As easy as click and ship!