Below are the steps that we follow when tumbling rocks in a rotary tumbler. We have more detailed instructions, videos and other information at RockTumbler. com each step you should now be rewarded with some brightly polished stones!. and abrasives, change into polished stones suitable for display or jewelry making . With the Rock Tumblerâ„¢, using a rough grit on the READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. 8 Mar Here are the instructions, including grit to use and tips for perfectly A rotary rock tumbler is used to tumble stones to produce a rounded.

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Rinse the abrasive grit out of the barrel.

Rolling Stones User’s Manual | Rock Tumbling Hobby

Jun 26, Discovery Kids Toys. Once the experiment is complete, the tumbler delivers a fistful of shiny stones to keep as cool science souvenirs or to use for jewelry, crafts and games.

Warning Do not rinse the abrasive grit down the drain, as it may clog. Working to transform rough rock into beautiful tumbled stones gives most people a great feeling of accomplishment.


How to Use an NSI Rock Tumbler

You put the thickest grit in first and let the rocks tumble from days for optimal polishing. Rinse your bag of rocks and put them in the rock tumbler stonss. Nov 6, More Articles School Project: Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand. Once you start the tumbling do not turn it off and leave it off – It will harden like cement inside the barrel. See our video about selecting the right tumbling media.

How to Use an NSI Rock Tumbler | Sciencing

Leave the rocks in the barrel. The results are amazing! We are a community supported free forum with a vast rollinh of information available, and we welcome you to sign up and join in any of the various lapidary hobby discussion topics. If you cannot see several lapidary related Amazon ads directly below this text, please consider disabling your advertising blocker s for this site.

Nov 4, The tumbling times given here are guidelines. You can turn rough, broken rocks into smooth, tumbldr stones with a Rolling Stones rock tumbler. Check the barrel after two days of tumbling–the rocks should have lost all their rough edges and sharp corners.

If anyone could point me in the direction of where I might could purchase a manual or view one in pdf form on the internet or anything of that nature, please do so.


However, I did find the video below to be quite useful.

Posted by Anonymous on Aug 03, Depending on fock text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Empty the barrel again and wash both the barrel and the rocks. Dec 31, Edu-Science Toys. I’d say that was probably one of the best gifts that I have ever received. It’ll do the same thing.

Don’t run that mud down your drain because it will plug it mightily, run it outside. Rolling Stones User’s Manual Jan 31, Etones Tumblers for Kids.

Rinse the grit out of the barrel again. Rolling Stones User’s Manual. Attach the barrel to the insrtuctions, plug it in and turn it on. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.