Readers’ questions about Romeo i Julija. 58 questions answered.

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Of course, you can write your own, if you find place. Where can I buy Shakespeares juliija works at affordable price? Other texts from the same author. Here is a search for you Madrid Churros con chocolate — Spanish chocolate donuts Author: You will spend quite time reading these little notes, rom the simplest ones to a dedicated rhymes. But, Verona juliaj well known for the script of one of the most popular and most tragic love stories in history — Romeo and Juliet.

From what I’ve read, I guess it’s something between 12 and 14, but I’m not completely sure.

Romeo and Juliet, although their families wanted for them to be enemies, they were juluja together by julijz and they got married secretly. Singithi Herath Juliet is actually 13 years old, her father mentions in Act 2 Scene 1 that she is not yet fourteen. All fields are required. Enter places in English language. Booking You want to visit any of these locations? Konstantin No, it is actually not very romantic at all. Load 4 more questions. Lefkada Tradicionalna kuhinja i lokalni proizvodi Lefkade Author: And, there is one door to enter the house where you can visit all rooms.

Paris Chic places and restaurants in Paris Author: And a lot of other classics besides, if you don’t mind just …more I think Project Gutenberg has all his plays, although I haven’t searched for all of them. Right after first 2 letters, system will offer potential places.

Romeo and Juliet — Verona for those in love Verona is a great city of Veneto region, an as people say — the most beautiful city after Venice. Although it is evident that everyone is trying to get to the balcony, there is bronzed statue of Juliet in her honor, under it.


I have to read this book for school and although it is an assignment, I’m really enjoying it.

Kako su se voleli Romeo i Julija? () – IMDb

Anyway, this house is dedicated to memory over two lovers in and you must admit, there is no better choice for one house. I read this book. Book review of the book?? Lefkada Onassis Island — Skorpios Juloja On the ground and the first floor today is a restaurant, Osteria al Duca, with the details from the piece.

Although it has not so many visits as the house of Juliet, it is very visited touristiclly. What should bring the peace to their families is what kills them at the end, because the whole row of tragic occurrences forced these to young lovers to end their lives. There are many versions; many people say that it is a true story, and the first version is told by a monk, back in 16 th century, years after the story even happened.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia Author: It is a place of museums and constructions of magnificent architecture. Hundreds of tourists are taking pictures with it, touching her right breast, which will bring them luck, according the legend. Make sure to choose a place by clicking the option from the dropdown list, thus making sure that place is entered properly and set for search.

Today it is familiar that families Montagues and Capulets really existed, and what it unknown is if they were really confronted and if they really lived in Verona.

There is a theory easy to deny, since there was no evidence Shakespeare ever set his foot on Verona, and in earlier manuscripts, the city where plot happened is Siena. See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. From the back yard which is usually crowded, you can see the balcony where, as the legend says, Romeo and Juliet had their words of love.


Can you provide every details regarding author,publishers characters and jklija of romeo and Juliet of William shkespeare?

Walking the Capello Street, there is house of Capulets on number Marti Dolata Best read as a horror story for the parents of teenagers. Load 5 more questions.

Romeo and Juliet – Verona for those in love

Did ever exist the Juliet who inspired Shakespeare? The most enjoyable Shakespeare play I’ve read. Arrival date must be before the departure date.

Alison I think Project Gutenberg has all his plays, although I haven’t searched for all of them. To ask other readers questions about Romeo i Julijaplease sign up. Ask and answer questions julij books! There are lots of opinions for lots of different tastes, but however, this house became the most visited place in Verona and attraction giving so much to this city as a tourist destination. And a lot of other classics besides, if you don’t mind just having electronic versions. William Shakespeare used these all tragic things to make them one of his master pieces, and jhlija doubt, this is the most read and the most quoted piece for the past few centuries.

There’s only one tiny thing I can’t nulija figure out from the text – how old is Juliet exactly?