3 Jun AS Rev. C. Wiring Aerospace Vehicles. Application for copies of SAE publications should be addressed to: SAE International. Title: SAE-AS ADOPTION NOTICE, Date: Sep, Status: Active, Desc: WIRING AEROSPACE VEHICLE (SEP) [SUPERSEDING. 30 Sep ADOPTION NOTICE. SAE-AS, “WIRING, AEROSPACE VEHICLE”, was adopted on. SEP for use by the Department of Defense.

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As wiring harnesses and cable assemblies become more and more complex, proper identification of individual wires and cables is crucial during wiring harness assembly, product assembly and testing as well as servicing. This specification covers all aspects in electrical wire interconnection systems EWIS from the selection through installation of sae-as5081 and wiring devices and optical cabling and termination devices sae as in sae as vehicles.

By far, the most common are those that produce wavelengths in the UV part of the spectrum. August 27, admin. Identify unmet needs and discover next-generation technologies Improve quality by leveraging consistent standards to sae as customer and market requirements Minimize risk: If permitted by the product manufacturer and any applicable specs, there are many benefits that can be had by using one wire color wire to sae-s50881 many.

Samples should always be run to verify each application.

What Is SAE-AS50881 and How Does It Relate To Wiring Harness Design?

Application This specification establishes design requirements guidance for wiring and optical cable installation in sae-az50881 vehicles. Like hotstamp marking or labeling, the wire or cable must stop during the marking process. This philosophy is safety of the sae-as508881, safety ass the vehicle, satisfactory performance and reliability of the vehicle and ease of maintenance, and service life all at the least cost to the operator.


There are a number of different laser sources that are used in wire marking.


If a particular mark is difficult to read, another mark is located just a few inches away. Main Standards To establish consistency and safety within the aerospace industry, numerous international standards have been established. Bold, underline and italics font attributes are also possible. For UV laser marking to work satisfactorily, the wire insulation saf-as50881 have a sufficient amount of Titanium Dioxide TiO2 in its composition for the color change to take place.

Inline Wire and Cable Identification Methods | Schleuniger North America

Both standards perform similar functions only one is specifically used in U. Permanence and abrasion resistance is excellent on most PVC type insulations. Inline Wire and Cable Identification Methods. Featured in various publications in This makes it possible to identify individual wires anywhere along their length when servicing them. This is especially common for more expensive assemblies which have undergone electrical performance or other testing.

Mitigate liability and better understand sae-aa50881 regulations Boost efficiency: An advantage of thermal transfer marking over labeling is that the cost per mark is much less since there are sae-as508881 labels to purchase.

Tristan Epp Schmidt Engineer, Lectromec tristan. Single Wire Color vs. Many other applications and circuits allow any wire color to be used. Applying labels as part of an inline wire processing operation is much less labor intensive than printing labels and then applying them manually in a secondary operation.

Some companies like to differentiate their cable assemblies by marking or labeling their logo, brand name or other unique identifying mark on them. The cycle time is slightly longer than hotstamp at approximately 1 — 2 seconds. Happy Holidays from Lectromec. Inkjet marking systems used for marking wire and cable are of the continuous sae-as0881 CIJ type.

Typical parameters include wire type and size, overall wire length, strip lengths, marker text and marking positions. Newer inkjet printers on the market are simpler, faster and more reliable than their predecessors.


As free download, or read As online

Several of the wire ID methods allow barcodes to be printed directly on wire or cable or on labels that are applied to them. Hotstamp marking is one of the oldest wire identification methods. Why Wire ID is Used Wire ID is used to identify individual wires during the life of a product, from initial product assembly and testing to servicing the product years down the road.

One example is ground wiring in electrical equipment must be green or green with a yellow stripe.

In wire processing applications, each wire color change can take from one to several minutes. For others, the decision to use wire ID is a voluntary one. Logos Some companies like to differentiate their cable assemblies by marking or labeling their logo, brand name or other unique identifying mark on them. Instead of using thermal transfer technology to mark labels see Labeling abovethe thermal transfer system marks directly onto the wire or cable.

This is sometimes necessary to ensure that all marker text is oriented the same way on a terminal strip, such as on a jumper wire in a control panel, for example. Selecting the best system for a given company and application requires a thorough review, including: Most of the wire ID methods except hotstamp offer this capability.

Some of the benefits include: Compliance with EN can be part of the mechanism to achieve aircraft certification. Aerospace vehicles include manned and unmanned airplanes, helicopters, lighter-than-air as, missiles and external pods.