Scm Processes In Logistics Execution Pdf. 0 total views. Share. Facebook · Twitter · LinkedIn. Audio only. Scm Processes In Logistics Execution Pdf. In SAP Processes in Logistics Execution Training (SCMv), you will learn how to use the Logistics Execution processes in the context of SAP ERP. Veja grátis o arquivo SCM Processes in Logistics Execution enviado para a disciplina de Consultoria Categoria: Anotações – 30 –

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The system first determines the issuing storage type. For a goods issue For Other Transactions, the process starts with the goods issue posting.

A single shipment has exactly one point of departure and one destination. In goods issue processes For Other Transactions, the Inventory Management posting generates a transfer requirement.

SCM601 Processes in Logistics Execution

What is the function of negative quants in the goods issue zone? Lean Warehouse Management is Choose the correct answer s. Then it uses the stock removal strategy xcm601 for this storage type to find issuing storage bins.

What factors influence shipping point determination?

Scm Processes In Logistics Execution Pdf

During stock removal, how does the system determine a storage bin? The system determines the material availability date, loading date, transportation planning date, and goods issue date. Lean Warehouse Management is Answer: How can scj601 picking area influence stock removal?


A, C, F During picking location determination, the system takes account of the shipping point, delivering plant, and the storage condition optional of the material. B, C, D You use Lean Warehouse Management when you want to use transfer orders without storage bin management, for example, in order to exchange data with an external system.

What is the message type WMTA used for?

Scm601 Processes In Logistics Execution Pdf

In the outbound delivery process, the transfer order refers to the outbound delivery. C, D, E The delivering plant, the shipping condition, and the loading group of the material influence shipping point determination. Which basic dates are determined during shipment scheduling?

If the Picking tab page displays an overall status of the transfer order and a warehouse number, then you must pick using sc,601 transfer order. In a cross-transfer-order picking list, the items are sorted by picking area.

The completion type controls the direction of the shipment. The route can be used to determine legs, load transfer points, and border crossing points. What does the completion type for the shipment type control? Which factors play a part during picking location determination?

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How can you tell from the outbound delivery that a transfer order is required for picking? Choose the correct answer s. Unit Objectives After completing this unit, you will be able sm601 In addition to the packaging function, you will also become familiar with Handling Unit Management, a package management tool that can be implemented at any point in the logistics process.

B, C, D The negative quant balances the total stocks in Inventory Management and Warehouse Management, and shows that stock removal has not been performed or is not yet complete.

In an outbound delivery process, the goods issue posting completes the process.

What are the differences between single shipments and collective shipments? Which types of shipment stages can be determined from the route?

Packing in the Outbound Delivery. One transfer order split can be performed for each picking area.