Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him bin Hazrat Abdullah bin Hazrat Abdul Mutlib bin Hazrat Hashim bin Hazrat Abd e Mannaf bin Hazrat Qusai bin Hazrat. shajra e Nasab of our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)starting from Prophet Hazrat ismail a.s. PM. paigham 6 Jul Lineage of the Prophets from Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA) is Genealogical scroll (Shajra) of Hz. MOHAMMAD S.A.W. starts from.

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November 16, at 9: Qaiser naeem Sep 20, Sajid Rao Jun 30, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

H,Assad ali Aug 13, Shah Sep 24, Mohammad yaseen khosa May 20, Recent Posts Maqsad e Zindagi? According to Islamic prophetic traditionMuhammad was descended from Adnan. Aleemuddin siddiqui Feb 26, Hasan ibn Zayd ibn Hasan. Kings of Israel and Judah. Such information much be passed on with naasab. Various genealogies of Adnan up to Isma’il have been narrated.


Muhammad shakra Islam portal. The Prophet [P] was not descended from Ismael. March 3, at 2: Jaidagroup Nov 29, Dotted lines indicate multiple generations.

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. For more guidance, see Wikipedia: Zuhrah ibn Kilab progenitor of Banu Zuhrah maternal great-great-grandfather. Mosque of the prophet Possessions Relics. April 26, at 2: I am really happy to read it.

And Why Jesus is he directly came from heavan. Health and Well-Being in Islamic Societies.

The Islamic view: Shajra e Nasab of Rasool Allah Hazrat Muhammad Sawalalaho Alahi Wassalam

Maulana Ayyub Patel Says:. Ki Muhammad se wafa to ne to ham tere hen Ye jahan cheez h kea loho qalam tere hen.

Fazal wahab Jun 20, Syed Shabi Haider Sep 13, Wahb ibn ‘Abd Manaf. Citizenship in the Arab World: Azhar Aug 08, Zameen-o-Asmaa main koi bhi misaal na mili. Book of Genesis Descendants of Noah Abraham’s family tree.


Shajrah Nasab of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

S son of Hazrat Adam A. Mohammad Shajedur Rahman Says:. Join other followers. May God give you its reward.

Family tree of Muhammad

Tahir Shareef Aug 05, Muhammad Talha Nov 05, I appriciate u for having such a conducive knowledge. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Jazrat Allah Bihar khobsorat koshish ha. February 10, at 5: Masha Allah subhan Allah bohot achcha he insha Allah me yaad krne ki kosis karunga.

It is unclear how many generations are between Ibrahim and Nuh. November 10, at 1: March Click [show] for important translation instructions.