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The IC TDA controls the MOS-power transistor and performs all necessary control and protection functions in free running flyback converters. Because of. TDA Product Description; Technical information. General. Model; Controller. Type; For switching power supplies. Housing; DIP Electrical values. TDA CONTROL CIRCUIT FOR SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLIES. USING MOS TRANSISTORS. April 1. 2. 3. 4. 8. 7. 6. 5. REGULATION INPUT.

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The ratio of the voltage divider. The required control information is taken from the input voltage during the switch-on period and from a regulation winding during the switch-off period. The application circuit shows a flyback converter for video recorders with an tda460-53 power rating of 70 W. Further inputs for the logic stage are the output for the start impulse generator with the stable reference potential.

TDA Infineon Current & Power Monitors & Regulators –

This function can be used to implement a soft start, when pin 7 is connected to ground by a capacitor. Current to reduce the control voltage. As the IC-supply voltage.


A new cycle will start if the transformer has transferred the stored tda46055-3 completely into the load. Primary Current Simulation Voltage.

If the load is further reduced, the secondary voltages and. The cpu goes into protective mode and puts the tv into standby with the power LED flickering. Over temperature at the given chip temperature the IC will switch.

D8 and smoothed by.

Protection against open or a short of the control loop. When the IC has started up, it is operating in the regulation range. Operation in Test Circuit 2. In the normal operation. If the control voltage is rather small at pin 1 an additional current is added by means of current source which is controlled according the level at pin 7. The output of this stage is fed to the stop comparator.

During the switch-off period the energy is fed to the load via the secondary winding. Thereafter the peak values of. Suppression of transformer ringing.

Chip-over temperature protection implemented thermal shutdown. The output of this transducer is controlled by the logic and referenced to the internal stable voltage. Start-up will begin with short pulses by connecting a capacitor from pin 7 to ground.

Pin Definitions and Functions. The down divided primary voltage applied there stabilizes the overload point. If the rectified alternating Iine voltage tdda4605-3 voltage collapses during load. Information Input Regarding the Primary Current.


Fold-back point correction current. The IC operates at the overload point. Hence the IC starts up with “short-circuit impulses” to assume a width.

TDA 4605-3

The circuit is designed as a wide-range power supply for AC-line voltages of to V. As the IC remains switched on. The switching frequency is reduced with increasing load and decreasing AC-voltage.

The IC switches off.

Burst operation under secondary short-circuit condition implemented. I would anyway be grateful to know what the starting pulse at pin 5 of TDA should be without the mosfet connected.

TDA NTE Equivalent NTE IC-SWITCHMODE POWER – Wholesale Electronics

This is gda4605-3 to stabilize the fold-back point even under higher mains voltages. What frequensey and amplitude shall it be. Therefore the output voltages declines by secondary overloading.