This photo shows a variety of silencers recovered by Canadian law enforcement officials. They are cutaway so that the serious scholar of silencerology can study . The Hayduke Silencer Book has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. Learn how to make firearm silencers from common items found around the house. George Hayduke. Wed, 17 Oct GMT the hayduke silencer book by pdf – THE. HAYDUKE SILENCER. BOOK This silencer is from a ChiCom Type 64 submachine.

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The damn can must have been two feet long and thick as a baseball bat. The heat caused by the muzzle blast will probably melt the plastic, which makes a real mess. Using the proper size bit to match the caliber of the pistol or rifle you will use with this silencer, drill a straight hole the entire length of the muffler. It is an effective, profes- sional design utilizing a ported barrel and baffles.

Illustration courtesy of Park E. For example, I will call a silencer a silencer, unlike the picky correctocrats who insist on calling them suppressors.

The Hayduke Silencer Book

The weight of the unit will be reflective of its size, of course. The last plug must be flush with the end of the tube, so you may have to do some adjusting as silwncer go. Illustration courtesy of John A. You have already guessed what this book is about, haven’t you?

The Hayduke Silencer Book – PDF Free Download

Fill out rest of the form and sign it. On behalf of the religious loonies, it’s probably a good thing that Musio is a lover and not a fighter.

You now have a silenced haydke. Failure to supply complete information will delay processing and may cause denial of the application.


Next, insert the remaining sipencer washers into the PVC pipe up to the rolled screening. Again, the amount will depend on which plans you choose. But do your work carefully and safely.

Don’t get careless and don’t get hurt. Jonni McNamara of San Jose. His design was a simple yet effective affair that you can easily replicate at your kitchen table. As the gentle and wise precinct roll-call sergeant on “Hill Street Blues” used to say, “Let’s be careful out there. Alas, there are many decisional pitfalls in our world of social discourse, and for me to say what is proper is actually improper.

The Hayduke Silencer Book (Complete).PDF

These silencers will work a bit more efficiently because of their design. Use a cleaning rod or dowel as an improvised alignment gauge.

Here is my list of the common tools you’ll need: He had to take them to court to get his money and that cost him, too. As always, gentle reader, if you have a silencer design of your own you’d like to share with me and the readers, don’t be shy. A frieze plug, with a hole cen- tered and drilled, is then riveted over that end of the smaller tube. SPECIAL NOTE; A direct interstate transfer will be approved only to a licensee who is also s special occupational taxpayer qualified to deal in the particular type NFA firearm; or a government entity; or a lawful heir; or, m the case of a firearm which has been designated as a “curio or relic,” to a licensed collector.

sipencer No trivia or quizzes yet. The more precise hand model is for you. To help you with this legal brouhaha, I have reproduced the federal forms you will need to legally and pleasurably pursue the unsounds of silence. For ex- ample, turning a 2-liter plastic pop bottle into a silencer takes only a few moments and a bit of electrical tape.


The Hayduke Silencer Book – Homeamde Silencers

Face it; silencers have a bad reputation despite the fact that they are simply combinations of metal, plastic, rubber, and other materials engineered into a gayduke muffler. There are some common items you will need, though, to construct the silencers in this book. Signature of T ias fe tea or official authorized to sign for firm Data a.

And believe me, the feds are out there laying their repressive presence over the nation like the lid of a pressure cooker. If you need to cut the hole yourself, do it with a sharp razor or X-acto knife. This is the form you file in silemcer with the feds before you actually build a silencer. Re- move the dowel before firing the weapon.

And, as hook might have guessed, here is where I will tell you what you need. In simple terms, they allow a firearm to discharge much more quietly than the blast normally associated with a gun- shot. If approved, the original of the approved form will be returned to the applicant and ATF will retatn ihe duplicate. In addition, to tation as to the haydukf of the firearm, date of registration, and the identification the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.

The Hayduke Silencer Book 3.

Be sure you put at least three or four layers around the unit and back onto the barrel for a couple of inches. Before silencee the silencer, fill out Form 1 after you get your picture and fingerprints.