Peter Heehs. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Contents. Preface. Acknowledgments. Note on Proper Names. Part One: Son. I. Early Years in India. Bengal, –. For Heehs knows the documentary evidence on and around Aurobindo’s life better than anyone else. He has a deep knowledge of the political and spiritual. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo has 25 ratings and 1 review. David said: A complete and sharp biography of an exceptional human been that modern india bought.

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When he arrived at Cambridge in OctoberAurobindo had lived in England for eleven years. Learning what had happened, he began to berate them for playing cards when such a calamity had happened. Six months later, in the second periodic examination, a dramatic improvement in Sanskrit brought his overall position to nineteenth. Although it was the headquarters of a fairly large district, Rangpur was little more than an overgrown village in the midst of a heesh alluvial plain.

Sign in Create aurobinddo account. He could read fairly well, but his speech was still halting, and he had trouble writing an ordinary letter.

Unable to go to Europe, the ruler decided to pass the summer in Gy. Although thrown together most of the time, they never developed the family attachments that are the rule in India. One of these, Hemchandra Das, accompanied the brothers when they went to a ravine for target practice.

Heehx hundred-rupee salary was now less satisfactory, but there were few chances for promotion, as the higher posts were all reserved for members of the Indian Medical Service. The annual outbreak of malaria was followed by a cholera epidemics.

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Local grandees from Vidarbha, advocates from Vellore, and journalists from Ludhiana could aspire to be included in the counsels of the men who had dominated the organization since its founding. No one expected quick results; the young men of Bengal were famous for their studiousness, docility, and faint-heartedness.

But he took the demands of Hindu orthodoxy rather lightly.

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

John rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Like her husband-to-be, she was quiet and shy. Hagiographers deal with petet the way that retouchers deal with photographs. A leading member of the Brahmo Samaj, or Society of God, a religious reform group, he also was an early promoter of what was called national culture. All the signs are bad. Swarnalotta seems to petre suffered from what we now would call manic-depressive psychosis.

He could not think of doing this without winning a full scholarship.

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo – Peter Heehs – Google Books

Five shillings a week was what tge domestic servant earned; one needed three times as much to stay above the poverty line. Most of the others had Irish or continental backgrounds. Manchester, where the Ghose boys went to stay, was the center of the ilves industrialized and densely populated region of England. Perhaps they are only hallucinations or signs of psychotic breakdown. The men picked two racks clean. Twice a week he called on his tutor and received assignments, generally translations to and from Greek and Latin.

He wrote to her in August: Heehs’s biography is a sensitive, honest portrait of a life that also provides surprising insights into twentieth-century Indian history.


Krishna Dhun encountered disappointment followed by success. Though motivated largely by religious fanaticism, the Chapekars did have a crude sort of political awareness. Following his own advice to enter the spirit of a language by means of writing, he passed at a stride from prose drills to an epic in verse.

Later trips to London and Paris were less strenuous but equally productive. I have tried, very ineffectively, to do some part of my duty as a son, a brother and a husband, but there is something too strong in me which forces me to subordinate everything else to it.

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo – Peter Heehs

In Autumnafter only three years of school, Aurobindo reached the highest form. The first symptoms seem to have appeared inshortly after the fifteen-year-old mother gave birth to her first child.

In this Platonic imitation, a Cambridge undergraduate named Keshav Ganesh Desai converses with three British fellow students. The glory that it invoked and the passion that it aroused were so intensely Hindu that Muslims were automatically left out. In all likelihood, Mrinalini and Sarojini were with him. All writers long for that unimpeded flow called inspiration, but those fortunate enough to experience it often find it difficult to integrate it with the rest of their lives.

The sparkling eyes have been painted in; even the hair has been given a gloss.